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  1. ok thanks guys i will test the ram and reset the cmos:) and i will try that divx player.
  2. know a pretty good free player? my players that i have now is media center windows media player and windows media player classic. and power dvd.
  3. just tried it with out deamon tools with just a avi and still does it:( i even tried puting it on my 1st hdd and still does it. this is what happening when i go in media center or media player or the old one and go fast forward than rewind than exit the playing program it freezes not in the problem. and i just found it ony does it when the files says dvd rip? the other that doesint say that doesint freeze while rewinding and forwarding.
  4. nope doesint freeze while defraging. i even ran a screensaver for 8hours and it doesint freeze so if it was video card whouldint of freeze? oh and my temps are fine temps never go over 50c for cpu case temp is 25c and video card temps are fine to never goes over 68c on load.
  5. seems like the game doesint take much i get 40s and up with my desktop with x800pro and 2gb ram so far i never see it ht under 38fps lol. and i got everything max with 1280x1024 res:) didint try it on my laptop yet with teh 7800gtx so its problee gona be much higher fps:) but so far im likeing and i never was a big fan of the series lol it looks alot better than battlefield 2:)
  6. ok today i wanted to watch one of my movies from my hardrive that is mounted with damon tools. and when i rewind the video it whould go about 15secs back slow than freeze the whole computer. i even tried it with stock settings and it still did it so its not from the overclock. seems like it ony does it for video because everything else is ok games to.
  7. sounds like Alienware or Hypersonic to me. because dell didint make a laptop that had a p4 3.8ghzs ony pms with 6800ultras. and for takeing it apart it was very easy for me i upgraded my video card from 6800 go non ultra to a 7800gtx than flashing the bios to a xps:) and now my 9300 is a true xps:) with out the lights. you should go on notebookforums.com and go to your laptop forums and see if you could replace it or better yet upgraded it:)
  8. hehe look at this monster case http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811103008 2 250mm,s thats the case i was thinking of geting on christmas:)
  9. a 9800pro whould be your best bet:) heres one for 77$ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...82E16814131247R and its alot better than a ti4600 or 9600. and on some forums that has forsale you might get lucky and get a 6600gt for 50$ or a x800series for 75$ i got my x800pro for ony 75shipped on notebookforums.com and i saw 6600gt forsale for ony 50$ on dfi-street.com
  10. i whouldint worrie its just a new smell that comes from hardware when you run it under load:) heck even me and my uncle still smell it and i had my computer going on 2years and he had his going on 4years lol thats under load playing a game:)
  11. it could be that cool n quiet shuts the fan off if the cpu is under 40c or 30c because befor i had cool n quiet on and my fan whould shut off because the temps went under 35c. and it came back on when it went over 40c. so its pretty normal too do that it doesint sound like the fan is going. check in your bios and see if you could find something about fans or cool n quiet and try turning it off. and when you find something about fans im sure you could put it on allways full:)
  12. well i allways will builld my own desktops like i did 2 times. but for laptops its dell:) great for gaming and all other stuff:) i mainly got it for gaming tho:) and el kido that laptop aint upgradeable from its current video card. ony the big boys laptops ony could upgrade the video card. but that laptop will do fine with settings min or mem on the new games:)
  13. dell makes good laptops:) my dell in my sig is my first dell ever and i had no problems at all and i had it sense christmas:) and they upgradable too i pop in a 7800gtx go from a 6800 go never could do that befor with laptops:) and its not dell fallt about the recent explodings its sony fallt. because they are now recalling apples with the sony batts. im glad my batt is sanyo:)
  14. you should of kept the nvidia firewall i think its pretty good been useing it on mine for 3months and i like it the best:)
  15. but were can i find free games at? oh is there a way too run windows games?
  16. nevermind got it working by tipeing sh in front of it lol
  17. i whould like too try tremulous but i dont know how too install it? it looks like this tremulous-1.1.0-installer.x86.run what do i do?
  18. thanks john:) didint know it was that easy lol sorry xXXx i should of made the thread name more understanable i kinda tipe it fast lol
  19. got everything worked out thanks too duanester:) but i got another problem lol how do i install gedit?
  20. i tipe that command it says command not found?? do you meen too put it in the non root home folder?>? because that were i got it. it wont let me in the root one
  21. k got it downloaded its on the desktop
  22. yep i need help with that lol
  23. yep so far everything detected even my wireless card:) now gona go and see if i could get that xgl working lol
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