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  1. should be 2 plugs one go in the video card than another one plugs in the inverter thats located on the bottom when you open it up were it says dell on the bottom of the screen breeze.


    i whould check the inverter wires and see if they plug in or something.



    wait there is ony 1 wire and that plugs in the video card.


    but there should be 2 wires on the inverter like the screen goes to the inverter than on the other end of the inverter there another wire and that goes to the video.


    i whould check those wires maybee they loose. and there should be one on the back of the screen also for the video.


    if they they good the ony things i whould say is the inverter is bad or going out or the video card is on its way out but i lean more to the inverter than the video card.

  2. i got the same laptop just with a 7800gtx.


    and there should be a setting in bios that will let you put it up that might do the trick.


    also if that doesint do it also could be the inverter on its way out but whats weird it doesint let you change the brighness when you push fn and up in down ?


    can you lower the brightness does it work?

  3. hmm i had vista on my desktop for about 6months with no problems at all and every game plays smoother and better than it did on xp.


    i had it on my laptop but sometimes i whould get slowdowns or display driver will stop working.


    also my desktop has ati x1900


    my laptop has nvidia 7800gtx so to me i think nvidia is not ready for vista.


    tho games did run better when it did have vista like right now the laptop will not run good over 1280x1024 on testdriver unlimited but on vista it ran at higher res.


    which i think because vista gives memory to the video card when it needs it.


    because it says 1024mb for my x1900 in display settings.


    laptop said it was 768 when it had vista.


    tho i didint have no problem with wow when i tried it and i have a 7800gtx was over 30fps and i have the res runing at 1920x1200 maxxed anti to.


    same as my desktop plays at high [email protected] res and maxed anti.


    but you never know xp might be better on your machine or vista might just need a reinstall.

  4. the 8500 wont be able to play dx10 games any good lol


    even a 7600gt kills it in dx9 games.


    the x1900 series are pretty good cards and still pretty much keeping up there.


    i got a x1900gt that some how has the same specs as xt and so far its not leting me down the ony game that seems to stress it is lost planet lol but that game will stress every card lol


    but if you want to go with dx10 i whould look at the ati 2900 or the 8800s


    but me im waiting a year or 2 befor upgradeing to a dx10 card not much games that supports dx10 now and pretty much the more dx10 games come out the more that they will take and im not sure if these cards will keep up lol.


    problee in year or 2 there will be better cards like allways lol

  5. so far no viruses or spyware or malware or keyloggers and the guy told me he hack both of them and also he tells me they should make teh firewall better..


    also i did have ony a 4 letter and 3 number password but i never had this problem sense i got the acoount 3years ago.


    i look on steam forums and there pretty much alot of peaple geting hacked.



    also i did a hijackthis and posted.


    but to me it looks cleaned

  6. i dont know how it got hacked i haveint played it for about 2months than yesterday i wanted to play some and it whouldint let me threw. than my cusion told me someone was on my account playing the old couterrike lol.


    and i never i meen never gave anyone my password lol


    he keeps telling me its easy to hack them


    and nope didint sell it.


    i bought it at bestbuy 2years ago

  7. not sure if this is the right thread to post this but i need a couple ansers.


    2days ago 2 of my steam accounts been hacked and i went on a back up account i had and i saw him playing a game on it.


    i got one of the accounts back but he still has one of them that he will not give back.


    so i submit a support ticket to steam with a scanned copy of the cdkey slip with my name on it and account infomation .


    after i submit it auto ansered with 3 messages.


    does that meen they do that allways than a real person will get back to me?


    also will they get this account back for me if i sent the slip to them and stuff?

  8. i like the saitek out of those you link i have the same one.


    and pretty much i like how it feels and the keys and gotta love the lights:)


    another keyboard i love is the combo i got mx3100 its a all in one combo with the mx1000 mouse that i got a deal on newegg 2years ago for ony 54$:)



    also if you meen stuf also like gamepads i love the saitek pro gamer command unit:) aslo the n52



    i use the pro gamer allmost allways in games will not go with out it lol and i use the n52 when i use my laptop:)

  9. update system is stable as a rock and staying cold:)


    orthos still runing and its been 11hours:) im anoring everest and coretemp lol


    i could touch the heatsink were it touching the heatsink and its cold lol


    so this heatsink cools realy realy good lol


    also everything else staying cold to lol



    oh im useing ati

  10. yep runing at 3ghzs:)


    oh and i just highered to 1.5vcore and so far im primeing 55min it has never did this befor with teh xp90c and its saying it runing at 65c to 67c for core 1 and so far its stable and i touch the heatsink and pipes its cold not even warm so im not even sure if the motherboard temp censers is right.


    and what it could of been all this time is maybee the xp90c wasint siting tight anuff on the cpu and that was causeing crashing or something.


    and this cpu might of needed 1.5ghzs to be stable @3ghzs i tried it on the xp90c but it either failed or crashed.


    like smartgulding dfi monitor shows ony 44 to 45max temp for cpu which on others like coretemp or everest shows 2 cpus which is what i got and they are alot higher than teh cpu temp on smartguldering.


    and in bios i got it to shut down at 65c and its 65c to 67 with everest so maybee its good after all.


    another thing i saw is my psu 12volt rail is not going under 12.03v sense i installed this heatsink befor it use to go aslow as 12.50 and my fans whould go down like looseing power so maybee the xp90c was causeing a short or wasing touching the cpu all the ways.

  11. it was kinda hard to install than the xp90c but it wasint to bad.


    it clamps on alot tighter and better than the xp90c feels more solid.


    heres a updated so far it failed at 26min it lasted alot longer tho befor with the xp90c it whould fail at 6min to 14min maxxed.


    but still not stable as i like it to be but i dont think the cooler the blame because when i touch the heatsink or the pipes its cold to warm


    with teh xp90c the pipes and heatsink was pretty hot.


    so it seems like the heatsink is doing its job.


    because the 2nd core ony goes up to47c to 52maxxed while the 1st core will hit 58c to 60c and the first core is the ony one that allways fails.


    what got to be the problem is the cpu heatspeader and teh thermal paste under it problee is half off or something.


    im sure it will drop the temps alot if i take it off but i just dont want to ruined it but im thinking of it.


    i know if i whould of got the other heatsinks even that best one for 64$ it problee still be the same.


    but other than that i think the heatsink is good even the 120mm fans are quite at full speed alot quite than the 80mm ufo fan that i had befor lol

  12. got the heatsink on i booted it up the idel temps are lower but the load temps are still alittle high max it went is 60c befor it went to 64 to 66c.


    if i keep the case off max it will get is 59c


    what i dont get is core 2 is 50c 52c max but core one is the high one thats has allways been the case....



    tho everything else is alot cooler pwmic is 37c -38 max load and chitset is ony 44c befor those was close to 50c or over.


    good thing i see so far is its not failing yet on orthos befor it failed around 3min 6min its ony 9min now.


    aslong as it stable im happy.


    but so far its better than my xp90c

  13. first i was going to get the first one that you linked for 64$ but i whould of had to order a bracket for socket 939 from thermalright which is why i passed that up.


    zalmans i never had good luck with them and thermalright is the same so far.


    but when i saw the coolmaster because of the 2 fans and the biggest of the heatsink i went with that.


    with those 2 110cfm fans that 220cfm total blowing and pretty sure thats what this cpu wants.


    if it doesint work right and still doesint cool it will newegg take it back?


    aslong as it stays under 60c when doing orthos and prime i be happy im hopeing for atleast 50c load.

  14. hmm i just ordered the fans and heatsink:(


    tho by every review i looked at it did good it cooled the whole motherboard to.


    the SI-128 looks allmost like the xp90 except the bigger fan size it takes and mine cant keep this cpu under 60c


    but now i dont know because i aready orderd it.


    like this review http://www.modthebox.com/review491_3.shtml it went up to 58c when overclocked and few c more it be just like mine doing.


    even on one review they ran the pc overclocked with out any fans and it ony went to 59c it beats mine with fans lol

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