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  1. right now i cant even get any windows install:( says about wrong filesystem. and when i try to do windows xp again says its not teh right file system for xp. and when i restart now says no bootable devices:( so im kinda stuck now:( also this is my laptop and also no floppy drive:( any ideas what to do?
  2. welp could be in trouble again lol. i had 11gb partition that was empty so i use partition magic to make it free space so i could put all partitions in just one. but now when i boot it says it cant find any drives lol:( but when i go to vista setup i could see all drives and my data is there. but anyway i could get it bootable again?
  3. yep i was there but still said i couldint removed it lol. so i just formated that drive with it on it. tho it mess up the boot because that was the primeery drive. so it said bootmgr when starting up the computer and couldint do anything. so i pop in the vista cd and i saw repair so i click that. and it pop up all theses useful settings so i did the startup boot repair and guess what it fixed it and now booting now:) and now i dont have 2 vistas lol
  4. nope cant even do that says im not the owner lol. so i wondering will it work if i format the partition in windows? because i got 2 partitions.
  5. ok my 30days has expired. but when i try to delete the vista from my partition it says i cant because im not a admin of that windows. im trying to delete it when im on windows xp. but i cant get the uselessthing off of my gaming drive:(
  6. heres the psu i been ruing sense july in my first dfi board to christmas and useing it in my dual core system:) http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.....x=0&Go.y=0 its the 580watt blue one:) stable as a rock:)
  7. weird 1beep usely meen everything is ok and it boots up. tho this site says 1 beep no video means bad memory. http://www.amptron.com/html/bios.beepcodes.html tho that poping and smell means something got fried dont sound to good:( did you check the memory and see if that could of been teh smell and burnng? or can you look on the memory slots on the board and check for any burnt or smell?
  8. crossfire or sli agp? never herd of it and never seen anything of it
  9. ya but my x1900gt beats the x1950pro agp:) and i paid allmost 2 times less lol
  10. the ony reson i went to pcie motherboard because the prices of the pcie are cheeper than agp lol. i was gona stick with agp my trusty dfi 250gb but i whould of had to pay about 300$ for the x1950pro. which i got a whole new computer that beats for alittle more:) ony got the x1900gt for ony 149$ and it the best card i ever had plays everything maxed:) but i whouldint go back because loveing dual core and the performence:) i still got both my agp systems socket a and my 754 a64 system useing them for backups and media:) also i went right to it is saw this dfi mother
  11. whats weird is it fails prime but i been gaming fear for hours and autoassault which streses the whole system 100% lol and call of duty 3 and carbon with out any hipcup lol but that makes me its something with the ram i have to do. because if it was the cpu it will cause the games to freeze or crash or do something lol but im gona keep it at this clock till i get prime stable on the 3rd settings for the ram befor any higher because dont want to screw up windows lol but this computer will be at 2.9 or 3.0ghzs soon a later lol
  12. yep im going to:) for cpu got it to 2.85ghz:) tried 2.9ghzs forze on superpi than when i try to boot again sai system32 error:( thought my windows died than i try back to 2.85 and it worked but i herd its memory when it causes that error. tho got my ram on teh lowest devider but maybee its the timmings not sure. i know it cant be the cpu because on prime i could run it forever on small with out ram. but when i run it with ram it fails after 11mins.
  13. is this good for a stock 1900gt? on 06 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=849515
  14. yep im like the the board very much:) got it on sale to 53$ but so far im likeing it as my dfi-250ut or better:) think the vcore could go way above 1.9 lol but no way theses cpus will survive lol but im not haveing any problem ocing with ony 1.37vcore on it:) think i could even lower the vcore and still be good lol. ony thing i recomend on this board is update the bios when you get it lol because mine whoulding oc over 2.4 with out hanging on the pci screen. but after the update it overclocks like a beast:)
  15. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=X76XFWKZ44WSPS4J 2.8ghz:) stock volts and it feels like it wants to go more:) my ram is ony at 310 but more mhz is better atleast till i get pc4200 in couple months lol but so far the performence is realy nice:) gona keep it at this and do the usely things i do gaming:) and see if it crashs than later gona try for 2.9 or even 3ghzs:)
  16. my laptop in my sig games 100% fine i play mosty every game out there that takes tons and that laptop plays them all great:) the main cause that holds the laptop back is the hardrive which does not perform as a desktop hardrive. the ony way i get lag or low frames is when the hardrive goes wacky. but desktops are more powerfull like my current destop amd op duel [email protected] 2.7ghzs and raid and a x1900gt very fast desktop haveint found a game to stop it yet:) tho that doesint meen laptops cant game well.
  17. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=CHQXFWKZ44WSGW4J 2.7ghz:) have to run my ram at 300mhz tho. till later on till i get better ram so far im likeing the performence:) also did a 05 mark http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=2451684 oc card a tad bit:) loveing this case to xclio 2x 250mm fans staying realy cool:) i post some pics later on:) in the pic forum:)
  18. ok i updated to the 12/23 t-mod bios and now its overclocking @ 2.475:) the bios must of been messed up that came with the board... 2.5ghz now:) tho my ram didint like 220 so i tried lower devider and it stoped at that pci loading screen. so im trying to figure out how to get my ram to be lower atleast up to 218. right now im runing it at 218 with clockgen had to use that to lower it for now.
  19. i tried superpi and it got 39secs @ 2.4ghzs is it good>? to me i thought it whould be lower but not sure. and when i did it stock it wwas 50secs to [email protected] 1.8ghzs. i thought that was pretty low but maybee it doesint like op cpus and dual core?
  20. this dont make sense lol very tricky board lol i figure i try my kington pc3200 just 512mb and set it to 270 for 2.45ghzs and it booted right to windows i pop the ldt on 2. so i figure ok i try my 2gb adata ram again just 1gb in the first slot like the kington was and it didint boot to windows. so i tried it in the 2nd slot and put the ram in the 4th slot and put the the fps at 268 @ 2.4ghzs and it booted right to windows lol i guess i have to keep mesing with stuff to get it going lol
  21. i tried uping all voltage to 1.5max for all of them and it didint help:( i even tried teh cpu at 1.61vcore still no go. so far i got it at 2.34ghzs but i know it should go higher but not sure how to get it up there:( everytime i try higher it stops at were it shows all the stuff cd ram raid controller and cpu speed and stuff. im still useing teh stock bios whould that do anything or no?
  22. ok thank you:) i know it increases the memory while ocing but i had it at 100ddr and tried and still cant go over that.. but gona look up that manual you posted and loosen the timings:) oh you meen this right? Motherboard English/Multilingual Manual
  23. i even have to do the timmings when its on a devider? right now its 340mhzs under 400ddr lol i know the ram does 415stable had it for year like that in my dfi 250. it works 415 in thsi motherboard @ 2.3ghzs. but even if i lower the ram wee down to 100ddr lol it still wont go past 2.3ghzs. or do i have to do the timmings on this board even if i dont oc the ram?
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