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  1. Yep got it same day prime shipping monday and after couple headaches with true image not wanting to clone from hdd to ssd because of the size 1tb to 512gb even tho i ony had 170gbs on it and a couple of windows 10 headaches with the 1903 build.. I finally got it to take a image from April 8th i had backup. And yep system is back to its snappyness and fast boot ups lol Swear tho this k7 motherboard must not like hard drives as a boot drive cause it took 3 too 7minutes to get loaded to the desktop and while doing it after the login screen it stayed on a black scr
  2. Just bought this for now https://www.amazon.com/Silicon-Power-Performance-Internal-SP512GBSS3A55S25/dp/B07997QV4Z/ref=sr_1_6?crid=3SVUV84OKPTYG&keywords=500gb+ssd&qid=1555106442&s=gateway&sprefix=500gb%2Caps%2C136&sr=8-6 Figure i just get this instead of the nvme and wait for black Friday or Christmas sales to get a 1tb. Should be a improvement even from my old ocz drive when i was using it lol..
  3. Is this one good? https://www.amazon.com/Crucial-1TB-NAND-NVMe-PCIe/dp/B07J2Q4SWZ/ref=sr_1_9?crid=1RVJMGK5NFX3L&keywords=m.2+ssd+1tb&qid=1554746017&s=gateway&sprefix=m.2+ssd+%2Caps%2C122&sr=8-9 Figure i just go all in and get a 1tb and just slot that right on my board lol..
  4. Yea i agree ssds should be used always now:) Which why i always had a ssd in my system from 2011 and up as my boot drive in every system i used lol. But sadly the pass couple years been rough so money at the moment is yeaa... But this ocz 120gb pretty much been in 3 systems think i got it in 2012 never had a problem with it till a month ago. Think what got too it is it was always 95% full and it has tons of writes on it.. Im still using it as a small game drive which so far seems fine. I was going to clone back to it and see how it does but the other problem is th
  5. So my ocz 120gb ssd was having troubles a bad sector and it was freezing every once awhile.. So i clone it to a wd 7200rpms 320gb laptop drive and no issues now and been using that for couple months now. Tho it has super super slow load times when windows starting up like soon as it gets too the log in screen after that the screens would be black for like a minute or 2 than it goes away and i still have too wait till it gets smooth out so i say about 5minutes till everything is loaded which i know is not normal.. I would go back to the ssd but i really don't trust
  6. Been awhile sense i posted on pcpitstop.. But figure i do it today:) when i upgraded from 4gb too 8gb couple months ago the whole windows desktop and every program i used and games which is my main task benefit from it. Everything just runs even smoother now. And some games out there or most they really benefit from more memory because when i look at my task manger memory usage it shows im way over 4gbs of ram when running the games im playing. With 4gb it was spiking too 4gb but went down but problee because it toss it too page file and that was giving me bad performance.
  7. Ya thats true:) Just wanted too make sure it was not dieing. Thanks:)
  8. Nope not a i7 its a Amd phenom 965 c3 @4.2ghzs Well runing it at 4ghzs with 1.47v right now. Ya thats what i figured if i ony see like 1 too 2c if even that over what i have now its not really worth taking the loop apart and problee have too buy new hoses and new coolent... When i redo the loop again i try it the other way just too see what it does. Oh is the pump suppose too make a buzzing noise like a fish pump? Its not as loud at all sense you cant hear it over my fans but its like a faint buzzing.
  9. Been a long time sense i last posted on this forum.. This is my first custom water loop Well i did have a h50 so i had water before but not a custom loop. How does it look? And so far im happy and not happy..Temps are ok but i thought it would be better. Temps are 33 too 34idle and 45 too 46c at load with 4ghzs and 1.47v load which seems decent, And what i was aiming for is 4.2ghzs with 1.55v but temps are around 48c too 50c, and up too 52c when the heat kicks on in the house... Does that seem right with this kit? Also as you can see by the pics im running
  10. oh i also chatted with newegg again and try my luck again and still a no go but i told them i still haven't herd back from HIS for a simple question sense i told newegg i really don't have any problems with the card just the 2d down clocking problem and they seemed too know about it when i told them and told them anyway they could try too contact them and they said try again and if you don't hear back from them again contact newegg and they see what they can do about it. i be happy if HIS would at least get back too me so i know i wont have any problems in the future with the for rma'
  11. update i found the problem that was causing the voltage too go too 1.65 i was looking at overclock.net ati forums and saw some other person was having the same issue and at the end it was everest causeing both of us the problem.. for some reason when that's running it will make the card run at 1.65v so i kept that off and just used cpuid hardware monitor and gpuz and its been fine for the pass week:) and update on the overclocking the card is now overclocked at 970 core and 1300 memory!! i always thought it was just a bad overclocker but for some reason the memory just d
  12. i think i stay with my cold running 5870:) that's the last thing i need is a 90+ device in my system lol tho im sure it will be a beast under water:) still would love to water my 5870:) oh and ati eyefinity with 1 single card is what closed the deal for me on ati:) with the 480 from what that says on the net it needs 2 cards.... so that's 1000$ right there plus you need too buy 3 monitors if you don't have them lol that's if you like that idea which im planing on doing 3 monitors with my 5870 later on just gonna need too buy 2 more of my hanns 28ins.... lol
  13. tho quad does help a bit even the ones that don't use all 4 cores sense when i use too use my opteron 165 duel core oc at 3ghzs with my 4890 as my main gaming rig i got good fps but when i went too my sig system when i also had my older quad 940 in it and when i had my 4890 in it there was a big boost even in the ones that didn't use all 4 cores. but than again for some reason the ati 4800 series 4850 4870 and 4890 was bottlenecked by the opteron [email protected] sense i had a 4850 first than went too the 4870 didn't see much difference in fps went too the 4890 helped a liitle sense it did ha
  14. all i could think of sense it still ony have 6mb cache is hard core muti tasking even tho i do that with my 965 lol but in gaming don't think it would better sense ony has 6mb cache and no games uses 6cores... but if it was like 8 or 12 cache than it would've been really nice for gaming sense you still have 2 more cores un touched
  15. how will it do in gaming? like will it be better than my amd 965? which i also have it clocked too 4ghzs and sometimes 4.1. or will it pretty much be good just for multitasking and gaming but i like too see a improvement over my 965 if im gonna spend 300$ lol thing i don't get why do they still ony have 6mb cache...
  16. i had the stock bios on it when it happen couple days ago this one is the stock ati updated one but ony things i change is the main 3d clock which i put 900core and 1230 memory didn't touch the volts at all. also i was looking around and found out alot of people fix there overclocking problems when they flashed too the asus 5870 bios? but im not sure if it will work with the HIS sense they had sapphires and xfxs and Msi,s wish i had another pc that would work with this card... ony other pcie system i have is my 939 socket but it ony stays on a black screen at boot up like
  17. yep i almost freaked when i saw that.. sense i herd 1.30 is the safe range... not sure if it was false but the temps was really hot 90+ so it problee was right... and again it was showing 1.65 just a few min ago just siting idle and temps was climbing was all 50s and 60s even with 50% fan usely its in the 30s. so i restarted and its so far is fine again and temps is 30s. tho would the card run stable if temps was 90+ and volts was that high? cause it seemed when playing dirt 2 it wasint even glitching or any slowdowns. but ya gonna test the psu after i char
  18. another update so far its been running fine even having the core overclock too 990mhzs the memory is a different story more than 5mhzs on the memory overclocking in software will stripe the screen or grey the screen. but today i manage too get the memory higher threw overclocking threw the card bios and have it at 1230 right now and its fine also got the core at 900 for now. but heres the problem i was playing dirt 2 than i was hearing the fans going up than i looked over on my 2nd screen with Everest and gpuz monitoring it and saw that the temps shot up they was getting in the 90s
  19. thanks intratech i updated directx and i think i gained a few fps:) also another update on the card so far its running stable i also updated too the 10.3 betas with no problems and than i overclocked the core speed too 990mhzs and its been stable gonna try 1000 tonight and see what it does. the memory is another story it just doesn't like too be overclock over stock 1200 im not sure why but other than that the card been running normal and running nice and cold too. but i guess the card is a keeper sense it haven't had any problems sense i did couple tweaks in the
  20. also how do i know if my HIS 5870 is a referance PCB ? i herd the non ones from other makers doesn't overclock well but also doesn't let you change the voltage in afterburner. i could change my voltage in afterburner and when i change it it shows its running what i put it at and also looked in gpuz and it also showed there so i guess i have a referance card? and so far i got my core over 920 and problee can go higher i just didn't try higher yet i just cant touch the memory too overclock or the extra 10 or 15mhzs will stripe the screen or blue screen. but so far its doing
  21. hmm ya i figured the 06 score looks too be right but vantage kinda seem a bit low too me tho i kinda comparing scores with i7s.. so maybe thats why i think they low sense the i7s score much better on bench s than amds... i found this bench mark test which is another i7.. lol http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon...70,2422-11.html but it seems like my 5870 is doing good that i7 with the 5870 is getting around 17k in vantage and the gpu score for them is 15581 which im sure its higher for them now sense updated drivers but i just tested my gpu score ony im
  22. oh and i ran some more 3dmarks vantage and got a score of 16350 and my 3dmark is almost 22k does these scores seem right? thanks
  23. hmm it might be something with power like psu.. which hard too believe sense its a power and cooling 750watts... i tried ati overdrive testing tool and let it do it thing and well when it was done it had it set at 890 and 1250 for the memory but when i loaded a game bbc2 it made it threw the menu and it got stuck on the loading screen and suprizely it didn't restart the screen just went black and grey than come back with driver reset error which i never saw this before it just restarted. but i just figured i try stock settings again and than try too overclock the card memory and t
  24. ok another update its stable with the 10.1 hot fixes than any other driver i tried and i could overclock the core with no problems right now i have it at 905 for right now but whenever i try too clock the memory over 1200 like say 1220 it will freak out and the screen would either turn in too a gray screen or this time it just turn in a solid gray screen and i had too force restart this happen when i just loaded a video program up too watch a video. oh and i also flash back ati updated bios and put all the memory on the clocks in bios too 1200 and put the low 2d clock too 300 which see
  25. ok i see what it does ony using afterburner for overclocking. so far after forcing all the clocks with 875 and 1230 in bios just for testing it seems like im not getting any flickering or gray screens yet. gonna see how this does for today if everything goes well gonna put the stock bios back on well atis updated one and just use afterburner and don't touch ccc or amd tool. i give a update later on hopefully a good update lol...
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