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  1. Yep got it same day prime shipping monday and after couple headaches with true image not wanting to clone from hdd to ssd because of the size 1tb to 512gb even tho i ony had 170gbs on it and a couple of windows 10 headaches with the 1903 build.. I finally got it to take a image from April 8th i had backup. And yep system is back to its snappyness and fast boot ups lol Swear tho this k7 motherboard must not like hard drives as a boot drive cause it took 3 too 7minutes to get loaded to the desktop and while doing it after the login screen it stayed on a black screen loading lol.. No issues like that with the ssd. gets reads and writes in the 500s as it should:)
  2. Just bought this for now https://www.amazon.com/Silicon-Power-Performance-Internal-SP512GBSS3A55S25/dp/B07997QV4Z/ref=sr_1_6?crid=3SVUV84OKPTYG&keywords=500gb+ssd&qid=1555106442&s=gateway&sprefix=500gb%2Caps%2C136&sr=8-6 Figure i just get this instead of the nvme and wait for black Friday or Christmas sales to get a 1tb. Should be a improvement even from my old ocz drive when i was using it lol..
  3. Is this one good? https://www.amazon.com/Crucial-1TB-NAND-NVMe-PCIe/dp/B07J2Q4SWZ/ref=sr_1_9?crid=1RVJMGK5NFX3L&keywords=m.2+ssd+1tb&qid=1554746017&s=gateway&sprefix=m.2+ssd+%2Caps%2C122&sr=8-9 Figure i just go all in and get a 1tb and just slot that right on my board lol..
  4. Yea i agree ssds should be used always now:) Which why i always had a ssd in my system from 2011 and up as my boot drive in every system i used lol. But sadly the pass couple years been rough so money at the moment is yeaa... But this ocz 120gb pretty much been in 3 systems think i got it in 2012 never had a problem with it till a month ago. Think what got too it is it was always 95% full and it has tons of writes on it.. Im still using it as a small game drive which so far seems fine. I was going to clone back to it and see how it does but the other problem is the small size of it.. just way too small for me:/ Which why i went back to spin drive for now to get it back up and running but geeze i dont think it suppose to be this slow starting up.. Mainly the black screen after you put your password in.. It will just sit at the black screen for like 2 minutes than it loads the desktop than after that takes it good old time loading other stuff.. so i say about 5 too 6 minutes total time for it to smooth out... I just cloned to another drive lastnight a 1tb 7200rpms wd black and yep still the same slowness... Ony thing i can think of is maybe this gigabyte k7 just don't like having a spin drive as a os drive? But yea probably will have to deal with this till i can afford to get a ssd hopefully in a month or 2:/ Figured how to do the test:) http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26055352&report=Summary Doesn't show my 1080ti but that's normal cause its not my main gpu. system has 3 gpus lol.. 960gtx 1080ti and a 3rd one amd 3450 for another monitor.. lol wait it does show all of them in installed hardware:)
  5. So my ocz 120gb ssd was having troubles a bad sector and it was freezing every once awhile.. So i clone it to a wd 7200rpms 320gb laptop drive and no issues now and been using that for couple months now. Tho it has super super slow load times when windows starting up like soon as it gets too the log in screen after that the screens would be black for like a minute or 2 than it goes away and i still have too wait till it gets smooth out so i say about 5minutes till everything is loaded which i know is not normal.. I would go back to the ssd but i really don't trust it as a boot drive im just using it for a few games after i format it and its been fine ever sense. Plus its just way too small for me to use as a boot drive.. I had a ssd ever sense 2011 in my systems and this windows 10 install is old which was a upgrade from 8.1 back in 2015 and i been using it ever sense its been in 2 systems. So im not sure if going back to a hard drive i need to do anything sense it was configured on a ssd? Even tho everything looks good the drive tests fine and has decent speed.. System specs is a ryzen 1700 3.8ghz gigabyte k7 16gb 3200 960gtx-1080ti. And my other hdds is a raid 0 2x wd 1tb blacks for a game drive samsung 2tb as backup and the 120gb ssd for small games. Everything runs smooth when its up and running which this system is always on 24.7 till i need to update something which start up times is a pain in the rear lol And hello been awhile sense i been here:)
  6. how do i get the benchmark runing ?
  7. thanks:) tried the new version and it shows:) http://img226.imageshack.us/img226/7780/7800gtx3pr.jpg
  8. ya problee what it is. my 6800 go that was in it shows fine but too get this card working i had too make it a xps with a bios update so thats problee why. i hope lol
  9. it does 6600 stock in 05 and 7k at 420core and 1100mem and 14k on 03 and i tried games they seem too run pretty smooth.
  10. is there anyway too check too see how many piplines there is and pixel fillrate and bandwidth? thats why i wanted too get the gpu tab showing.
  11. http://img75.imageshack.us/img75/7179/dellgpu9qe.jpg heres what it shows
  12. yep:) everything runs smooth. except i cant get nothing too show in everrest gpu
  13. today i pop in a 7800gtx go in my dell 9300 from a 6800go but it doesint show anything in the gpu tab. is there anyway i could get it show something? or is there another software that shows stuff about the gpu?
  14. i got swat 4 too and a saphire x800pro agp and i got every setting on high and 1280x1024 res and runs very good:) i get over 100 highest and 80 too 60s avg and 50s and high 40s lowest. im not sure if its because im overclocked?
  15. the 750 is doubled 750/2 1500 im pretty sure:)
  16. lou its for a bronco 2 2.8 engine. and why is the orignal carberator more money? that what we cant figure out? oh and does this sound like its teh carb? in the cooled it runs like garbage and it stinks smells like fluems. and when you drive too the stop light or stop sign it trying too stall out and when you push the padal too go it sometimes stalls out or haves a hard time. it drives good when you driveing with the pedal push but asoon you hit the pedal at the redlight or stop sign it trying too stall or stalls.
  17. my mom and dad wanted me too ask. which one is better orignal carberator 338$ or a holley carberator? 246$ which one will last longer and be the best? the bronco got a 2.8 engine with air and auto trans.
  18. should i reinstall windows with it? will it run alot better than it is now? because the the windows that they sent is not suppost too have that preloaded crap that bought pc have.
  19. i got the ufo fan on my xp90c and im pretty happy with it:) its a bit loud at 4000rpms but not bad:) my cpu stays at 34c too 35c idel and under 50 under load at 3000rpms and its pretty silent too me:) i got my cpu oc too 2.7ghzs at 1.64vcore so i say its keeping it pretty cool:) i kinda like the blinking lights:) matchs my bright computer lol
  20. well share files and share printers over the network. but so far i found that windows xp does the same thing:)
  21. is there anyway i could do the same thing like network magic for free?
  22. whoops forgot too post that one of them is going too be down my uncles for lans. and i whould like too keep the best one here. so the d-link is better?
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