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  1. kinda late now sense i have the coolmaster lol it seems to be cooling well tho its usely 55 to 57max and that with 3.8ghzs @1.55vcore with the stock heatsink it proble wouldve been up in the 80s at these settings lol because when i just went over 1.4vcore with the stock heatsink it would hit 65c to 70c @ ony 3.4ghzs with this heatsink at those settings 49 to 52c max thats with prime95 by the way with gaming it doesint even hit 50c mosty 42 to 45c with the stock heatsink i was gaming at 55c and up..... now working on to get 3.8stable it plays every game and bench but when i leave prime95 runing it will either crash prime95 or bluescreen....
  2. k got the cooler on fitted in my coolmaster haf 922 no problems even with the 2x120mm fans on and the 200mm fan on top.. and so far got it at 3.74ghzs @ 1.47vcore and max temps is cpu 50 to 51c all cores maxed out at 51 to 52c doing prime95 is this good temps? oh and with no load it goes down to 35 to 36 on the cores and 34 for the cpu. and im useing ocz freeze paste seems to be really good stuff with the stock heatsink i was geting high 50s to 60s with stock vcore and 3.4ghzs and with no load it was allways in the 40s and thats also with a modded 80mm 90 something cfm fan strap on. gona try for 3.8 or higher:) with the stock heatsink 3.6 and 3.7 wasint stable at all but now it is. edit ... got it at 3.8ghzs and my memory overclocked to 1145mhzs had to pump 2.3volt into the ram to get it stable tho... but herd the ram could take that. so far its stable tho the temps did raise to 55c to 56c because had to put it at 1.52vcore but im sure the stock heatsink wouldve been like 70 or 80c if i tried it like that lol but couldint because matter what i did couldint get it stable with the stock heatsink. i might pop the extra fan i got for the heatsink on it so i have 2 fans doing work:) should cool it down even more. or might pop on my 2x SILVERSTONE 110cfms on:)
  3. just orderd the coolmaster 212 plus:) figure sense this cool master haf 922 cools everything nicey so the 212p should cool the cpu pretty good hopefully so i could get a stable 3.8ghzs out of this 940 it posts at 3.8ghzs but temps is around 68 to 70c... to hot and doeisnt seem stable. i also orderd another 120mm fan so i could go duel fans on it and got some new thermal paste OCZ OCZTFRZTC Freeze Extreme Thermal paste herd good things about it:) right now i have a very high cfm 80mm fan strap to the stock heatsink and with artic silver 5 under it and its staying out of the danger zone around 45 to 50 in games and streess testing with prime around 55 to 59c max and have it at 3.4ghzs at 1.392vcore so far its stable at that.
  4. ok think im gona get the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ but it is better than the dark knight right? i know it beats the price by alot:) also will it fit in my coolmaster haf 922 with the side panel on with my 2x120mm fans? and the top 200mm fan? the case is wide and look like it will fit very big coolers even with the 120mm fans but kinda hard to say. i know my xclio 380 with the side panel 250mm fan fits the coolmaster grimin duel fans heatsink with no problems and that case is not as wide as the haf 922. but the top 200mm fan is hard to say if it will fit.
  5. i made a new thread sense this is for heatsinks. but ya i builded another pc with a phenom 940 quad core am2 and the stock cooler isint cutting it for overclocking gets in the high 60c s... heck even at stock it gets in the uper 50c s so i was looking at buying a new heatsink and i want one that cools really good that i could keep this phenom at 3.8ghzs stable and one that fits in my case with the side panel on with my 2 120mm fans. oh and fits without removeing the top 220mm fan my case is the coolmaster haf 922. i was looking at theses this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835103046 which i have the 2 fan one on my socket 939 which cools that really nice @3ghzs 1.55vcore. and this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835233029 which looks like it will do good.
  6. think i found the problem think it was my virus scanner blocking something out i disable it and now its not doing it so far. scanner im useing is outpost pro
  7. everytime i try to download something on bit torrent after like 5min the internet wont work anymore but bittorrent will still download and my other computers will work on internet but this one wont till i restart. i dont get it day ago it was working fine... now everytime i try to download anything on bit torrent the internet wont work on this computer but will keep on downloading???? and the ony way to get internet working again is to restart the computer. computer is in my sig the opetron and im runing windows vista 32bit ultimate
  8. i tried it on my system is the device id it? on gpuz? and for evrest pci device?
  9. ok my cuisons evga 7600gt caps starting to bust it still works but not sure how long. and newegg wants the model number but the sticker on the back of the card melted off and he doesint have it. is there anyway to find the model number other than the sticker?
  10. hmm pretty much fixed the problem by takeing xp back off and puting vista back on lol prostreet doesint skip and runs pretty smooth now and guitar hero plays better:) weird seems like vista beats xp well in my book hehe lol
  11. ok when i play gultar hero 3 and need for speed prostreet i get slow downs and hipcups like it will skip every sec but its fast. like on guitar hero its kinda laggy even on the lowest settings like the guitar board but the backround is smooth as it can be. temps are fine i tried all kind of drivers i even pop another video card in stock 6800go even put newly fresh themal paste on cpu and gpu. allmost forgot to list the computer im haveing trouble with lol dell 9300 laptop 1.74m 2gb of ram 80gb 5400rpms and 7800gtx also my cuisons computer or unlces computer doesint have theses problems. which there system is cusions amd 3000 250gb hdd 2gb of ram and a 7600gt uncles is amd 3200xp 2.3ghzs 2gb of ram 7200rpms 120 and a 250 and a 7800gs as you can see mine shouldint be haveing this problems also non of my other computer have theses problems either. but another thing is it seems like ony fast pace games does it like i just tried cryis on it it ran fine. and even hellgate and tabula rasa and so on lol.
  12. ya there shouldint be much of a diffrence anyways because the p7800 is pretty much a newer model. i just dont get why the p7700 went way up in price sense i paid 92$ for them 3years ago from newegg. ony diffrence i see is the 3 speakers on the p7700 has tweaters and have alittle more watts other than that they the same speakers.
  13. im useing theses http://www.shopbot.com.au/p-7407-171398.html with my onboard 7.1 sound on my dfi rdx200 and they the best speaker i ever herd also i could turn it up full blast and it sounds clear and the bass is realy nice. tho they been disconunted by theses http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16836116153 not sure why because i pretty sure the 7700s are better but im sure the 7800 will sound good to and they cheep:) also just seen the price on the 7700s 3years ago i paid 92$ from newegg lol also my uncle has the Logitech X-540 and hes useing the asrock onboard sound card cmedia 5.1 and those speakers sound realy good. but i perfer the creatives over them because more speakers and has better sound to me and what i like you could add more speakers lol right now i got 2 box speakers added in the back of my desk lol but i warn you pretty much need alot of room for the 7.1 hehe.
  14. the 8500 wont be able to play dx10 games any good lol even a 7600gt kills it in dx9 games. the x1900 series are pretty good cards and still pretty much keeping up there. i got a x1900gt that some how has the same specs as xt and so far its not leting me down the ony game that seems to stress it is lost planet lol but that game will stress every card lol but if you want to go with dx10 i whould look at the ati 2900 or the 8800s but me im waiting a year or 2 befor upgradeing to a dx10 card not much games that supports dx10 now and pretty much the more dx10 games come out the more that they will take and im not sure if these cards will keep up lol. problee in year or 2 there will be better cards like allways lol
  15. will do:) and thanks for showing me that link:)
  16. i pop in the stock size tire and than new one and it says when im going 60 its going 64.1mph. so if i see it on the 60 its going 64.1 right?
  17. good news you guys was right about the air shocks we left some air out and no bounceing at all:) and the car drives realy smooth:) alot better than the stock ones. we got all 4 tires on first we took it for a drive befor takeing air out and it still did it so takeing air out of the air shocks soved the problem:) the tires even makes the car look realy good to:) when we get the car painted and all the stuff on i post pics:)
  18. ya im going to leave out some air out on the air shocks because puting the bigers tires on made the car in the back even higher so hope that the problem ony lol
  19. going to try what you said joe because it does make the car even higher in the back with the tires than with the old tires so that could be the problem. and wdeydwondrer im going to check the rims again or even get them check because thats why i had to go get the front ones fix because one of them is bent and leaving air out
  20. ya i pretty much didint put the importen stuff in sorry:( the tires are indeed used and the rims looks like theses and the tires was aready on the rims. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/American-Ra...sspagenameZWDVW tread and everything on the tire looks good. also the springs all we did to them is just put those spacers on them to raise them higher. and that was befor we put the tires we tested the car first with the old tires and it was fine. than we pop on the tires just the back ones because the others are geting fix and took it for a ride and it bounces alot than when you go faster it quits oh and when you look on the tire it says max 35psi and my dad said when he check to see how much air in them it said it was 60 or 65 so he put 35psi in them as what the side of the tires says. but to me aint 35psi a bit low for theses kind of tires? also will it also cause this if you have ony p215 in front which are alot smaller and skinney than the back ones?
  21. the tires fit on with no problem they dont even stick out of the wheel wells. the air shocks has about 180 to 190 of pressure and pretty much the springs are way up. wonder if its to high in the back now with the widers tires on? also about my old thread about the dodge ram i still have those tires on there and have no problems. the tires that are on the firebird back ony is 15s inch rim not those 18 22 inch rims that i sometimes see driveing around lol also the rims that was on the car stock are 15s to the tires just not as wide. could it be the small p215s in front stock tires causeing this because they alot smaller? we geting the others tires fix which are the same as the back tires just alittle narrower and we tested them on the front and they fit with no problems. ony reson we got the small 215s in front is because the other 2 front tires need fix they wont hold air in them or we whould of put them on to.
  22. forgot to mention the front tires are p215s 65 and the back is 295s 55s. also about the suspension specs im pretty sure its not that because i see alot of theses cars with wide tires and they stock. which ours has airshocks and sping lifters. oh also the car is a 1987 firebird. but ya what im asking will it cause this from haveing p215s 65s in front and 295s 55s in back?
  23. ok we got some nice wide rims and tires for our firebird and we put them on we ony could put them on the back because the front ones need fix. so the car has 295s in the back and it has 260s in front which is way far from wideness than the back ones. and we took it for a drive and when coasting teh car will bounce like crazy lol but when speeding up more it will be smooth. we also got air shocks on it and sping lifters but when we have the old tires on it didint bounce. will the bounceing be cause by haveing pretty crappy tires in front which is far smaller and skiney than the back ones? because like i said it has 295s in back realy wide tires.
  24. also do a test with plug in teh wall. because when runing on battery its slower than being plug in the wall:)
  25. think i have found the problem. i dissconected my saitek pro command unit and took the the stuff in the back round off and now it doeisnt have lag in games lol. than i pop it back in and just loaded the profiler and not the sailmfd and still no lag:) so is the sailmdf bad or something?
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