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  1. Bruce I am glad you answed however it is not a good idea that people purchase our cd's and then burn them for profit we sell our discs for $20.00 and these theifs are selling a burnt copy of us for $5.00 it not something that is accepted and also we have sold thousands of cd's through retail shops but it is important to acknlowlege that what these people are doing is illegal and the australian federal police are acting on it these people face a $100000 dollar fine and I will pursue it to the full extent of the australian law .I don't see any difference in then posting it in frostwire or limewi
  2. Thanks Nigsy yes we have a similar reporting body here but it only stops one at a time I was hoping to fix it where the copying becomes a problem and yes there are ways around most encryption anyway but thge nore involved it becomes the more detered it is any thanks for the reply
  3. Hi all I am a recording artist here in australia and we are getting people buying our cd's to listen to which is great but had a few lately popping up at markets that have been burnt from our original cd that was purchased somewhe along the line ..is there a program that encrypts something that makes the copy not work prperly (like a dvd has)and if so how does it work so a person buying has no problem only when it is burnt the problem exists such as only half a song works or similar? any suggestion ???
  4. in my experience I have had to install the latest version first because if you had say xp installed first then windows 7 may overwrite some of the crucial drivers etc not sure why it doesn't see windows 7 however who am I to say but I know you have to install dual boots system from latest to oldest are you installing on separate partitions?
  5. Looks like file association did you install a prog just before it changed?
  6. is this a laptop your talking about as if so and if it has a cd drive I'd suggest to ring microsoft and see if they can help you or if it is a notebook you should have a system restore function to boot from
  7. have you done a malware check it may be that you you have it and not aware of it ccleaner etc don't find them you can download malwarebytes for free and run it even if it's not the problem its a great tool
  8. exactly right Joe many newer printers have this so far canon seems to not worry about this at least here in Australia
  9. Is Here to help where I can

  10. not only that if you leave it too long and the battery leaks then it will eat away the motherboard those lithium batteries are deadly
  11. It was an update from microsoft that caused the problem .Zonealarm have issued a new version to overcome the problem or delete the entry update kb951748 from microsoft restart the computer if you do this and all will be well again
  12. Sorry we missed you mate hope you had a great day
  13. to me it seems a driver issue but i doubt if it is an xp issue .I use xp and onboard sound to play midi onstage so need a stable system and xp never let me down yet maybe try reinstalling upgrade of drivers
  14. on your comp you have a soundcard that has volume controls I assume you have a icon in the system tray if you click on this and lower the volume on the sw wavetable or wave volume this may rectify the problem
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