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  1. Hi everybody : Apparently, PC Pitstop will no longer be compatible with IE 11. It's going to have to be a change on the part of PC Pitstop Admininstration. Gary Stanullwich
  2. Why has PC PitStop rejected IE 11 ? I found NUMEROUS submitted topics about this problem. PC PitStop and IE 11 won't work together. Gary Stanullwich
  3. garystan

    Windows 10

    Grand Poobah : Currently, I have a custom built computer, that I built myself. It's running Windows 7 Professional. My gripe with Microsoft is that ......they would ONLY offer Windows w 10 as a download ???????? That IS insane. When I got my computer running, I made sure that I had an install disk for the Operating System. Hopefully, including myself, I or anyone else wouldn't have to use that too often. But,,,,,just in case of a SERIOUS hack or Trojan. garystan
  4. garystan

    Windows 10

    Hi everybody : Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 Operating System on everyone. There are a few flaws with this new OS. One.......it can ONLY be installed via a download. Two.......if, by accident, you have a System-wide crash, there's ho way to re-install it into the computer. IT HAS TO BE INSTALLED VIA A DOWNLOAD. Thereby, making your computer nothing more than a paper-weight. And, you'd have to purchase another computer with Windows 10 pre-installed. Three......this move by Microsoft is going to damage sales at computer parts outlets/stores. Hobbyists who just built their dream machine won't be able to install Windows 10 (to get the computer functioning). You have to have a functioning computer in order to install Windows 10. Thereby making your computer nothing more than a paper-weight. Currently, I use Windows 7 Professional. I have an install disk I can use for the re-install. With Windows 10 you don't have that option. Wake up America !!!!!!!!!!!!! garystan
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