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  1. Hello Jeff, Do have a couple of freezes. However, and overall, the computer is running terrific! Thanks. You did a great job. Kind regards
  2. Hello Jeff, Executed the above instructions. Thank you. Still having minor freeze-ups. Don't know if it is Google, Skype, Itunes, which, runs during the day while utilizing Word and Excel. Will give the pursuit a rest until Thursday as other work is pressing. Hopefully, MS will continue to provide updates, etc. Will check-in with you Thursday or so. Kind regards
  3. Hell Jeff, System is terrific! Thanks for your kind assistance. Please let me know if i can return the favor. Kind regards
  4. Hello Jeff, Ran TFC anyway. No report was generated. The speed of the program prohibited me from copying the report. However, I could see within the window that a number of files were emptied. Thanks. Best regards
  5. Hello Jeff, The computer crashed and froze again. However, upon reboot, the disk provided a scan. From the blue screen report, I wrote: Deleting Files Local State $I30 File 17757 (and) Locals~1 $130 File 17757 Recovered ~DF935a.tmp5 File 24065 int 2438 I was unable to write down all of the info from the scan report. Are you familiar with the above? It appears that due to your effective chase of the virus either MS or the computer is now able to provide updates and repairs. Also came across some info regarding hal.dll files. It is reasonable to believe I could have tampered inadvertently with such a file(s) early in the virus chase. Given the above: Do you still wish for me to run 'TFC'? Kind regards
  6. ...ahhhh! Something to do with Nvidia and our old friend 'Nero', as I hear...also, something about 'Bios' and its cache...and/or potentially something to do with the ESET program...also, I have run a disk check on C without the repair boxes checked...the check was completed twice without a report...Please advise Kind regards
  7. Hello Jeff, Thank you. Will do so. In the meantime, the computer shut down with an error message. Please see below: BC Code f4 BCP1 : 00000003 BCP2 : 88596950 BCP3 : 88596AC4 BCP4 : 805D 29B4 OS ver 5_1_2600 SP : 3_0 Product 768_1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error report submitted to MS: C:DOCUME~1\user~1\Temp\WER0173.dir00\mini112111-01.dmp C:DOCUME~1\user~1\Temp\WER0173.dir00\sysdata.xm The sense is that you have done a great job with the computer. There is the appearance that there may be a kink or two remaining. Does the above relate to an issue or was the crash related to fans or...? Kind regards
  8. Hello Jeff, Upon opening a pdf file, a few moments pass and then 'crash'. Kind regards
  9. Hello Jeff, Upon shutting down, Microsoft sent some patches and updates last night. The computer is running smooth and fast -- for the moment. It does not appear to 'struggle' anymore with the fan running constantly. You are doing excellent work! Thanks very much. However, there are about three issues I would like addressed; 1) Adobe now crashes; 2) the Dell wireless card and potential replacement with a Microsoft one; and, 3) The Palm freezing issue. Should I begin new thread(s) for the above? Kind regards
  10. Hello Jeff, Microsoft generated an 'error' report for the Google crash. The report was lenghty but I could not log the file. MS stated it would address the issue and a file labeled: C:\DOCUME~1\user\LOCALS~1\Temp\1cd2.appcompat.txt In a search for the above, the Search window froze. Pasting the same into IE for a search, also froze IE, but Itunes continued to run, however, resulting in a hard shutdown of the computer. I have not been able to locate any file named above. Kind regards
  11. Hello Jeff, Thank you for the extra effort. However, Google is now crashing upon attempts to open. Kind regards
  12. ...one more thing, don't know if it is related, however, when the original freezing issue began with the click-on Palm two months ago, and i subsequently operated in safe mode, all of the degenerate-email (spam, etc.) ceased...just after clicking on the Palm icon, I received spam email...again, this could be coincidence working on my anxiety... Kind regards
  13. Hello Jeff, Just prior to Replys No 45-6, I processed the uninstall/reinstall process of Java. Also, since being in 'normal' Microsoft' was able to update the computer with two (2) service packs for MS Office and IE 8, among several others. One of the processes MS ran was a 'Malicious Software' removal scan. This is interesting because due the current issue, the MS malicious software can would also freeze. This time it ran its course without a freeze and all service packs and updates were installed. Also, I processed a un/install for Itunes 10.5, as a window popped up stating that Java and Itunes were missing a link of sorts and needed an update. Skype also has a window to 'update' the program. I know for sure, that I was current on the updates for Itunes and Skype. Have yet to rerun an update for Skype as yet. However, in updating the above, I noticed Itunes has an issue with Chrome. So, processed an un/install for Chrome. Still an issue to download ITunes and Chrome, I reinstalled Itunes with the new IE with success. Now, having not picked-up messages 45-46, I wanted to test the 'Palm' After attempting to open, the Palm froze the computer -- the same result that first began the virus/issue two months ago. Although, I can still restart in normal mode and utilize all of the computer programs -- as long as Symantec has its way with the previous-stated Java file. The issues with the Dell wireless card, Java, and Palm are interesting. Finally, I read your messages. attempted to run 'scannow'. SFC seeks a disc. All of the unused discs in white envelopes and manuals are located in storage away from my current location. I have asked my son to get to the storage locker today to locate the CD's and FedEx to me, if possible. Did do a search in C:. Noticed within the I386 and dll caches that all Windows (winnt32) are installed and able to locate. Please advise. Kind regards
  14. Hi Jeff, After running a Bit scan, uninstalled then, reinstalled Chrome, updated Symantec, rebooted and scanned with Symantec. Symantec did find threats but I cannot locate a log. However, I rebooted once again. Symantec opened it's 'Tamper' protection. Briefing is below: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SYMANTEC TAMPER PROTECTION ALERT Target: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.exe Event Info: Open Process Action Taken: Blocked Actor Process: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe (PID 612) Time: Saturday, November 19, 2011 10:46:37 PM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- EOR The above 'Target' is one of, and approximately, where most, but not all, scanners freeze. I located the Java file and the 'jqs' icon. Although, the icon is not labeled as 'exe'. I have not gone any further. In relation, I am processing in normal mode for the moment, without interruption or freezing. Please advise on the above. Kind regards
  15. Hello Jeff, Followed instructions above. ESET froze at 495 at a Java program file. CHKDSK verified all files at stage 3. Reran a follow-up Bitdefender. Log attached. Kind regards Report 2011-11-19 21.43.15.txt
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