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  1. thank you very much for your kind support. But i was wondering,is there anyway i can go by this connection with my WRT120N router. Pls i want to know,cos this is the router i have. A 3G router in my country is very expensive. I cant afford one. Thank u
  2. My remote location is not too far. well,basically i am working on a project, i am a student and i just want it to work, no matter how close my remote location is . it is basically for demonstration. want to show my supervisors, that it can work . pls help me. Viewing CCTV camera footage is kind of new from where i come from. So it is like a big challenge to me . thank you
  3. <br /><br /><br /> thank you very much for your kind support. what i basically trying to do is, i am trying to view a CCTV camera footage from a remote location .i need the router to portforward. i have a PC ,a linkys router a 3G usb modem and my cameras.so in other to view the images ,i need to portforward. but i dont have a DSL cable modem to connect the router to the internet. what i have is a usb 3g modem . there is 3g coverage in my area.so that is why i was asking about how my arrangenent will be. thank you
  4. pls can anyone help me. i have a linksys WRT120N router and a 3G huwaeii usb modem, given to me by my GSM telephone provider. the problem i have is that, my router does not have a usb port,what it has is a RJ45 cable port. I am pretty much new in networking . this is my first major attempt at networking. Is there anyway i can go by the connection. what is the network topology. pkls help me out
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