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  1. The Syrian people are demanding military action. Not a life as a refugee...

  2. 'If' this is true, were not striking the right balance! How you're paying for Scotland's doughnut binge http://bit.ly/1VBzqcr via @moneyaol

  3. Hi, Tis rather a pain, when every time, I place a post... I then first have to reset my font! Also, a preset function here, would also serve the additional advantage, that you can discern your own responses from those of other people in messages, and forums, particularly the latter, which can get confusing. Nevertheless different style fonts have the effect of allowing the pages to appear more interesting and illustrate a person's character. Too often, when you have to "re-set" these every time, it is too easy to just not bother. Then people are left with staring at a screen, which is almost a homogenous letters, which could have been taken from some 'high brow' text book, but bore the beejezus out of peeps. Oooh, oooh, nearly forgot, also as well please... the response buttons are confusing! What is wrong with a simple "reply" button and another which allows people to "reply with prior quotes" or similar? Me thinks... the site needs to be a little more people friend please, in 'every' sense of the term??? Thanks Sean Sebastian White
  4. I'll have a look at these... But can I remind people please??? While I appreciate the help, currently I am living in a homeless hostel 'surrounded' by many with drink and drug issues... hey ho, so is the course of we mere writers! Also Terry, again, and I am trying to be patient also, and while I have greatly appreciated your help, and would look into this further, and thanks for the replies... will follow on - you said another picture viewer... I don't know any other picture viewers - I struggle to figure out Windows ruddy 8 at the best of times. Once more, I am in a homeless hostel, so - well internet access is an issue, so I cannot spend an age, or the time, when I'd like to view detailed responses - presently! As I said will go through this later, I get the gist of what was said.
  5. Well I do not understand Terry... I've gone into Google Images before, and these are supposed to be downloading as a 'wallpaper!' it's this downloaded copy that may be corrupt and causing the distortion. it may be that it's in a format that your windows picture viewer has problems with so causing the distortion. it may be you've changed some settings in the windows picture viewer that are causing the distortion. There's no point in saying this, how do I fix the problem if this is the case, and it just seems to be part of the litany of problems with this ruddy laptop - presently??? How are people 'wasting their effort' Terry... Jeez? I've followed all the instruction pretty much implicitly... I do not see it as being my own personal fault, that these not resolved the problems. Ok the last suggestion was "constructive;" here is the link please: This "firey & icy Earth" picture please??? https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=space+google+images&rls=com.microsoft:en-GB:IE-Address&tbm=isch&imgil=vTtGwlQrFJS6RM%253A%253Bhttps%253A%252F%252Fencrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com%252Fimages%253Fq%253Dtbn%253AANd9GcRbAxY748nwk8LXJYojmBfxi6bo1byQdqnFhHnEDyVAnNlZ71wc%253B600%253B381%253BJWvpRZA6QxAeBM%253Bhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.socialtechpop.com%25252F2011%25252F07%25252Fprivate-companies-pioneer-space-race%25252F&source=iu&usg=__RGTMAN-sUxCHCGqtwoy2F6waxOo%3D&sa=X&ei=b_tbU7rHJISUPI7EgRA&ved=0CDMQ9QEwAA#q=space+google+images&rls=com.microsoft:en-GB:IE-Address&tbas=0&tbm=isch&tbs=isz:l&facrc=_&imgdii=_&imgrc=-6AsYz5Ty1kjyM%253A%3B7XL3C92lWTCf7M%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Ffoundwalls.com%252Fwallpapers%252F2012%252F11%252FEarth-Fire-Space-854x960.jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Ffoundwalls.com%252Fearth-fire-space%252F%3B960%3B854 Thanks... as I said, I've not had this problem before, just been simply able to set an image as background for my desktop! And if 'anyone' can offer any suggestions; they're always gratefully received? Let me know, your findings please...? Thanks Seb
  6. The picture 'itself' is not distorted Terry... This from Google, when this is downloaded it becomes distorted! Thanks Sean
  7. In regard to the 'ripples' in the corner of the screen, this was replaced by someone else - is this a screen fault or could it be related to other hardware issues??? I'm not getting the error reports any more, after a "windows update" but this removed some files, and programs such as CC Cleaner, how would I go about recovering these please? I've also mysteriously lost 230 or so 'new' emails, which disappeared before my eyes a few days ago... Can someone one also tell me please... why is it when I download a new image to my 'desktop' that this is distorted? Never seems to take please? I just wish to find the best way forward... with these unremitting issues. Well, the good news is... that the spell check does work on here, but not on the AOL browser!
  8. Juliet, Nigsy, Terry, Hawaii Dave and all the others who have attempted to try to help me with this issue... An "update" please: Well, I took the plunge and went for the nuclear option - and took everything off, and reinstalled, 'but' and it's a big "but..." On starting up the computer again, the first things was, the screen is 'still' rippled on the bottom left, and worse... The previous "same" 'hard disc' errors are being reported as I had a month or so ago. Something is just not right!!! On speaking to AdAware (who system protection I use, but is not too good) they... and some times, (please take note Mr Gates!) but they exaggerate to scare you into buying more services from them. But they have said, that my computer 'on viewing the error messages' and going through the computer logs, that they brought up on using 'remote access' had been compromised, and someone was trying to attain my information, and they showed myself on this list... where even my "motherboard~" had been tampered with via a second party? A month ago, I sent my laptop away, and well, the hard disc, keyboard, CD Drive, and even the screen has been replaced, but now I've done a full reinstall, which is a blinkin' pain, and I'm still having the ruddy problems??? Any advice please, as to what is the source of the problem...? Taking the laptop back, well there are personal difficulties in doing this... However, I 'am' prepared to look at all options!!! Thanks Sean Sebastian White
  9. Hi, thanks but I know how to do a 'full reset...' I just did not wish to do! I'll have to be more careful, what I download in the future - a "lot" more careful - me thinks! In regard to Windows 8.1, I've read a "lot" of negative feedback, and this apparently does not even have a System Restore! Really, wish Windows Microsoft would be more considered in regard to what they consider 'innovative' when it is again... more "I'll considered!" My laptop just crashed again, while doing/writing this initially, so options are limited it seems. It was a 'softonic' download or site, which apparently it seems caused these invasive issues!
  10. Ok "trouble..." I've applied the System Restore, does not seem to have worked... first I wished to take this back further really, but it did not give me this option, has less dates, than their prior version (unless I am missing something?) - so ~ Windows 8, in effect, has worse features... than Windows 7, what the hell is that about??? Additionally, I have 'regressed' this back with SR, and one of the programs it said it would remove, it has not... and let alone that the problems still stand in any case... "All" the missing emails, and the blurred lines... I do think this is related to the problem - the latter issue, because when my computer began showing a "disc drive error" in relation to a similar infection - I suspect, previously, then no error could be found on this, despite scans? Really, do not wish to be sending off the laptop for repair, but options seem to be limited??? This is urgent please???
  11. Well I've cleaned the main area, and there is nothing else, unless I go to another tab... such as registry; it just seems I'd be better doing a system restore now? We just do not seem to be getting anywhere fast! Sorry just frustrated... I've found where to do system restore, but why on earth it is 'renamed' on Windows 8 - this makes little sense, and it is not easy to find. However disconcertingly there are fewer restore options, so if I'm going to do this, then it'd better be quickly... because unless I'm getting this wrong, I think they'll expire otherwise soon? I could do the registry cleaning with Adawarecleaner, but I don't really know what I'm doing, and there's too many issues not, from a blurred/lined screen to other compelling concerns.
  12. How, do I paste in here a print screen Juliet - then I could show you precisely? Basically, when you get the results for AdawareCleaner there are different tabs, and there are different result for each tab - said all this before - me thinks... In any case please, do I go through each of these tabs, and 'clean?' So for example I've cleaned everything under the first tab, but not 'registry' where if I go to this tab, it is asking me to clean? However, somewhat confused, as you advised myself to do this Juliet, so I thought you'd be aware of the various tabs, and features? Please let me know... if I should go through these different tab areas and clean each area, these tabs represent?
  13. I don't have a problem with this, but I wonder as to progress? However also my questions with the tags, which has not been addressed, and these areas - cleaning each of these areas? I did speak of 'this' specifically previously; I understand you are trying to help; however, when people are reproaching myself for not following their instructions, when at times... it is down to themselves not reading these entirely and missing a piece. Can you refer back please, to 'precisely' what I am referring to - Juliet, and then we are not wasting each others time? Thanks Sean
  14. There's confusion here! As I said Juliet previously please, it has been said more than once, that I am not listening, well I've stated the below - it is AdawareCleaner, and explained "specifically "where I have the questions about AdawareCleaner: So I've run AdWareCleaner or whatever tis called, and had some limited success; Malware Bytes, with ticking 'rootkit' options, not detected anything!!! I did take a copy of MalwareBytes results, but do not know how to post in here (seemingly you can from what you Juliet have demonstrated, but I've tried to right click paste - with no success?), but think it would be of little purpose in any case, as it seems this showed no results? I did also carry out an sfc /SCANNOW which recorded some results, which it apparently fixed? * Looking further into System Restore... in the meantime.
  15. Juliet... I've pretty much exhausted the options available I feel... apart from the DDS perhaps? Nevertheless with AdawareCleaner... the first I attempted this, it was clear, which programs were required moving - although could have done with more directions for this... Now, if I run the program nothing appears on the first tab, but under Registry there are a number of points, which could be cleaned? What am I supposed to be doing, going into 'each' category and cleaning all of these, as I found this process confusing? Initially the program after scanning, asked me, which items I wished to untick and not clean, but ultimately I cleaned "everything" under the 'Services" tab!!! Now, should I do the same with 'each' and "every" tab, because 'each' tab has different results?
  16. Yep, I'm looking into System Restore, just as I said some functions are no longer available... so we'll see - thanks!
  17. So I've run AdWareCleaner or whatever tis called, and had some limited success; Malware Bytes, with ticking 'rootkit' options, not detected anything!!! I did take a copy of MalwareBytes results, but do not know how to post in here (seemingly you can from what you Juliet have demonstrated, but I've tried to right click paste - with no success?), but think it would be of little purpose in any case, as it seems this showed no results? I did also carry out an sfc /SCANNOW which recorded some results, which it apparently fixed? * Looking further into System Restore... in meantime.
  18. I can only think of System Restore at this point, but because this JRT program did not work??? As I stated no DOS window, but just a range of options to open this program, none of which seem relevant?
  19. Thanks Hawaii Dave, It has to be browser 'hijacker' unless there eliminating the variables... there's something amiss with the "entire" AOL network, which is extremely unlikely. It is not just 'date order' thang! As I said I had nearly 300 emails starting from the last few days, now I only have "70" and from the entirely 'wrong' year. Also thanks Terry, I "have" had made some progress with following the steps, although they have not always been clear... I have got ridden of one browser I didn't wish for. However, my point is, and this is where again I feel people are missing the point, and it is frustrating for myself also, but as soon as I fix one thing, then another goes amiss! It's like baling out a sinking ship, you fix one holed part below the bilge water, and the next thing you know, another hole pops up! Hence, I am jumping around more, because I feel it may be better to go for a 'clear' comprehensive option, such as system restore, which I initially hoped to avoid... Will look into this latter option, but please Yogi Bear with me? Thanks Sean Seb White (me)
  20. I really don't wish to do a full system reset... I only did this recently, and it takes an age for myself to get the comp back to - as it were! Secondly, I wish people would 'stop' please "jumping" to conclusions... I do follow instructions, as I said 'many' of these are not as have been indicated, and some are missing because of the problems. Thanks Juliet, but as I said once more, some of the simple functions are missing... so when I look at these instructions you've posted, this may not be applicable... I'm looking in the meantime please, for a simple ~"key" function to activate this, or get to the page? Off for run, will have view link soon... The patience is appreciated!
  21. I disagree... this is what I may have thought initially... However it is the 'same' issue of course! If you think on this, 'browser' hijacker, which this most probably is... (and I do wish, as the vast 'majority' of sites, you'd have a spell checker on here please... I just spelt hijacker with a "y") Nevertheless, this seems to myself the only plausible reason, as to why my email "new" email... has reverted to a status of 2 years ago; as new email is otherwise stored on the AOL network system; so is in effect 'impossible' to be lost or distorted "unless..." and this is the first time this has happened in 'over' a decade I've been using AOL - this has happened, unless comprised in some way by "malware!" As I said, I do feel this is certainly the most likely cause. Thanks... I'm going to look further into the suggestions made, but short of this, may have to do a "System Restore..". struggling to find this operation - with the issues I've got presently, if someone can tell me how to get to this function - by the simplest, most expedient means possible please???
  22. Hi I have replied to individual responses including "Juliet's..." However, I am beginning to think the only way forward is to do a System Restore! What on earth would suddenly cause your AOL 'new' emails to revert to 2 years ago - so my new emails - have disappeared? 'All' 300 of these??? Thanks Sean Sebastian White
  23. For this I am typing "control appwiz.cpl" in the command window, is this with administrative privileges or not?
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