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    Around: '17 & 2/3rds &... three quarters!' Oh, I thought you perchanced to say alas... " IQ ! "
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    Yes - I 'jabber' too much, down the local, to the neighbours, to the neighbours - cat! I'm sure that's wot it means...

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    Edinburgh, Scotland
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    If there are those apparently considered "Tech Nerds" out there, I may well be their complete antipathy...
    Hey - you can't be a shameless literary genius, & great with techonolgical know-how, and the such like!

    This particular 'luddite' is still trying to figure out, how that 'round-thing' works... what da ya happen to call it again?
    Oh, the... "Wheel!"
    Please look out for upcoming and new posts... and I'll keep readers as informed to any updates!

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  1. 'If' this is true, were not striking the right balance! How you're paying for Scotland's doughnut binge http://bit.ly/1VBzqcr via @moneyaol

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