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  1. *Just returned from Edinburgh Book Festival, so apologies for late response but I ran the Speccy and these are the results: I think also because I was pressurised, I missed the "accept" button on the SIS page which aint very clear. But in any case the audio driver has downloaded in boxes again and again I am unsure where this went to, how to open again and how to set it up please? Not sure as to what I am doing, if that isn't obvious... Even the other link you gave me, not sure where to go with that: http://www.nvidia.co...li_drivers.html Operating System MS Windows XP Home 32-bit SP3 CPU AMD Athlon XP Thoroughbred 0.13um Technology RAM 768 MB DDR (2.5-3-3-7) Motherboard SiS-740 (Socket A) 40 °C Graphics TECO TL565 ([email protected]) SiS 650_651_M650_M652_740 Hard Drives 78GB Western Digital WDC WD800BB-00JHC0 (PATA) 35 °C Optical Drives ATAPI CD-RW 52XMax Audio Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device
  2. Hi - agreed this is the best way for it & to get the best response... But did you answer my question on the pak? In any case Y, I dont know your name sorry correctly? But I cannot find, I have looked all over for the make and model of my computer, how can I find this please? The specifications I supplied are exactly correct I presume as I used a driver find programme? But - well, I am trying to do my best with this; I have to go the Edinburgh Book Festival a few days from now - promote my work, and I am nowhere near as progressed with this - the preparation as I would like! Thanks
  3. Not getting very far with this, urgent help required please?
  4. Hi, I have spent some hours (after reformatting my computer) in trying to find the correct drivers! The irritating issue is, that so many of the programmes promise or allude to free driver downloads but it is not that at all the case... The missing files are: SIS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adaptor Drivers SIS IDE Drivers for Windows Sis UniVGA Drivers ULi(ALi) Integrated Drivers Package SIS 7012 Audio Drivers Journeyed all over for these, upturning barrels, looking in sea shells - engaging in a conversation with a tortoise of a discriminating nature... Please not also, (jests aside) when I have downloaded previously visual drivers, my computer screen when you adjust the size with the sliding rule fails to work in increments but just goes from the sliding scales extremes of big to very small. So I suspect I have not had the right drivers in the past, hence the reason I making a specific effort now. Again, any assistance please, it should not be this hard??? I would have thought there a "entirely free" site you can use, where you simply place in the drivers name or it is listed "free" of charge, with just a little effort? PS: And below is a secondary issue but if anyone can offer any assistance on this it would be appreciated: I published the above title Quirky Claus a few years ago but I am struggling to promote this and turn it into an ebook. Additionally below, I am editing a title I began in 2006, which I would like to place as page turning device on the net, on a site such as Issuu but even here, it is difficult to get the proportions correct. If you can come back on that, but to put things simply please, I want my work on here to look as much as possibly appear as a book, and work as a page turning book, but on a computer screen, without complications or distractions please? I want people to look at their screen without them having to adjust their settings and for this to appear like a genuine book... that fills the “entire” page or very near to… and where you do "not" have to scroll down as well as across. IE: in a regular book, you read and just flick the pages you do not have to start "scrolling down!" A system which is as "easy" and effective to use... as possible! Can you offer any assistance or guidance please? Please find enclosed my submission for the book title ...The Tallest Dwarf pays homage in part - to that I believe milestone and groundbreaking classic film -Highlander; throughout the entire book there are subtle and admittedly not so subtle references to this, whilst this is entirely an individual story in its own right! I have included seven chapters, some of these are rather short and while the first six establish the tale, the seventh brings the characters together, it demonstrates the mechanisms of the relationships, as the dynamics of the characters come together, as well as leaving the story on something of a cliff hanger - giving the reader a sense of what may be to come. *Ideally*, and this "is" my ideal... but I'd like some kind of format for The Tallest Dwarf, where people could have a page turning device of course, but for it to gain support via this and perhaps people who do so - to show their practical support by making a financial contribution towards it ultimately being published. Please also note that the tale is peppered with the occasional footnotes, as you may see in the likes of Terry Pratchett's work. This was not my original intention, to use this format but the fact is, this is the best way of conveying the humour within certain parts within the tale! Nonetheless please make allowances for the fact that these appear peculiarly spaced on an A4 sheet of paper or computer screen but are successfully deployed on a regular "book" sized page. gives you an opportunity to look at the work, it has footnotes as well, which is a bit of an issue - as these would be fine in a book but look strange on A4 or a screen. I'd have to make some adjustments as well, if I were to use this, as it looks a little different in this format... This is as far as I have got on Issuu http://issuu.com/sebastianwhite/docs/the_tallest_dwarf... as you can see, I have to add a cover yet etc, but it is far too difficult to use, to put it bluntly you have to scroll down as well as the regular page turning... This is actually what I wish the Issuu project of the version of the T.D to look like? But in mine you have to scroll down, which is very awkward for the reader! http://issuu.com/davidarielanota/docs/2-prince-caspian--1951--2008-
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