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  1. Well the fix came from Mozzila help. We have to trust somebody and I did. I did on two computers and have no problems. After all you can go back and set the integer as it was if you think the change is causing a problem.
  2. 85 of them. Hope it has not been posted before. Sorry if it has but some may not be aware of this site. http://www.techradar.com/news/computing-components/85-windows-7-tips-tricks-and-secrets-643861
  3. Minimise quickly with shake If you have multiple windows open on your desktop and things are getting too cluttered, it used to be a time-consuming process to close them all down. In Windows 7 you can use the Aero Shake feature to minimise everything in seconds, using a cool mouse gesture. Grab the title bar of the window you wish to keep open and give it a shake, and rejoice in a clear desktop area.
  4. Great. Didn't know about that video.
  5. Automatically switch your default printer Windows 7's location-aware printing allows the operating system to automatically switch your default printer as you move from one network to another. To set this up, first click Start, type Devices, and click the Devices and Printers link. Select a printer and click Manage Default Printers (this is only visible on a mobile device, like a laptop - you won't see it on a PC). Choose the "Change my default printer when I change networks" option, select a network, the default printer you'd like to use, and click Add. Repeat the process for other net
  6. Maybe worth checking these tips out. http://www.pcworld.com/article/181926/top_20_windows_7_tips.html
  7. This perhaps has been posted before but I just found out about it. Right-click on the desktop and choose New Shortcut. In the location box, just type taskmgr and hit next. If you are using XP or this doesn’t work, you can also use the full path to task manager: C:WindowsSystem32 askmgr.exe Now change the drop-down menu under Run to say "Minimized" and then close the dialog. If you want this shortcut to launch when you start up your computer, right-click on the Startup folder in your start menu and choose to Open, and then drag the shortcut into that folder. (Note that you could als
  8. Another way to do that. You can do that by plugging your microphone in with Audacity recording the message and save as a Wav file. THen go to ctr panel,sounds and audio devices,sounds scroll down to Start Windows find your file and select it.
  9. Just cruising and ran across this old post my friend and would like to explain to you I am not quite as ugly as the gurning champion from several years ago. May the wind always be at your back.
  10. jSorry. Feel free to remove the post if you are so inclined.
  11. without opening it. I sometimes get a suspicious email so I do this. Turn off show preview pane>highlight the email in question>file>properties>details>message source.
  12. Perhaps this will explain what happened. When you are working on your email message and inadvertantly tap Control+A and hit any other key. Bummer. All the document will be gone except that one letter you struck after Control+A. Control+A selects all the text in the document and is supposed to be used to choose sections of text to cut or to move elsewhere in the document. To copy text you tap Control+C after doing Control+A. Moves are done by hitting Control+X after selecting and moving the cursor to the new location and typing Control+V. But if you hit another key after doing a
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