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  1. Basically, the headset is not showing up in my playback/recording devices. It is showing up in my device manager under the 'Unspecificed' tab, along with my old wired headset. I have it selected for Optical In - USB out, and have tried every single USB port on my computer to see if that was the issue. My computer is detecting the device being plugged in, and just pops up saying 'Device installed successfully' near my system tray. Nothing shows up however in my playback/recording devices. I have tried resetting the settings on the transmitter box multiple times and restarting PC, plugging everything in / out multiple times, and really just have no idea what to do next. There is not much information out there, I was super excited to have my wife buy these for my birthday but now they are turning into a raging headache. Never had so many issues with installing anything on my PC. I must be missing something, or maybe I was the unlucky one to get a defective pair? Please help. Edit: Just now upgraded to Windows 10. DxDiagSS.txt
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