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  1. I just upgraded my wife's computer to Windows 10 and I wasn't even aware there were different versions of Windows 10. Could you please let me know if I should have concern with this article in the link please? Thank you! http://www.thundercloud.net/infoave/new/end-of-life-dates-for-windows-10-versions/
  2. Any suggestions on where I can get what I need for under $100?
  3. Wow! I thought it read 64 Bit.
  4. Trying to keep all my Posts regarding same topic together so to avoid making a mess to the Forum. Running out of time with the W7 I installed into my wife's PC. Sent the disk back to Best Buy where they gave us a refund because of the Key Product issue. The time now is limited before we have to enter an activation key. They could not supply one and the one we got from MS did not work. Tried to talk the wife into stepping up to W 0, but she will not go there right now. Best But wants $140.00 plus tax for their copy + tax. Could you please take a look at this link and tell me if it seems legit?
  5. I followed it step by step and I thank you very much. I believe it did everything it was supposed to, but when I click on My Computer it still shows D Drive fully RED.
  6. I was able to get W7 installed by going to Advanced and making a slight adjustment. Everything was working fine, but now I am getting this issue with Recovery Disk "D" stating that it is very low on space. I checked it out and D drive is completely filled with RED. I tried to clear a little space, but nothing seems to work. Is there a way to delete any files to add some space? I also installed Microsoft Essentials because system said we needed Virus protection. I had no problem installing it, but when I checked out the files in Recovery D Drive I noticed Windows Defender in there. I went to co
  7. Well, I tried to install W7 with the Installation disk and it did not work. Got the following results. Tried going on-line and still nothing. You can’t upgrade 64-bit Windows to a 32-bit version of Windows. To upgrade, obtain a 64-bit version of the installation disc, or go online to see how to install Windows 7 and keep your files and settings.
  8. Right now the desk top I am using says Vista 64 Bit OS. I just purchased this (see link below) 32 Bit Windows 7 OS, will this be okay to install into this desktop for the upgrade? Thank you! http://www.bestbuy.com/site/windows-7-professional-with-service-pack-1-32-bit-license-and-media-1-pc-windows/5130368.p?id=1219111157817&skuId=5130368&cmp=RMX
  9. I know I have asked this before, but before I was looking to upgrade for free. I would really like to upgrade to W7 and I was wondering where would be the best place to get Version Home Premium? I would like to spend under $100. Also I'm thinking of backing up this Vista set of files (all) on a 4GB Flash Drive, does this sound like enough space?
  10. I wasn't to embarrassed! lol Went to best Buy today to return the Tablet and when they plugged it in and hit the power button it came right on. Please show me the way out...lol. Anyway they explained what happened, should not have had it plugged in the whole time it was being used. Suggested taking it home plugging it in for 3 hours and then unplug to use, but if anything happens with the next two weeks and it dies again bring it back for exchange. Sounds good to me and my wife. Could I possibly discuss getting some help setting up a Smart TV? I start entering the requested information... Ro
  11. Wow! That's great BH. Yes, my wife and I spoke and what we are thinking is trying to do an exchange for a upgrade. She would like to get the few things she put on there. Is there any way possible of getting items off?
  12. I didn't think it was going to be anything great being that I only spent $75 for it. My wife had it plugged in from the moment she took it out of the box. She never used it unless it was plugged into an outlet. I'm sure when I bring it back they will try and talk me into an upgrade. It was a Birthday present....Happy Birthday! lol We'll see what happens. It's under 30 days any idea what Best Buy will do. Charge me for a new battery or junk it?
  13. Sorry, like I said I know nothing about these things. From what I can gather it is a Digiland/DL801W
  14. Like I have mentioned, I am not familiar with Tablets and the one I bought my wife for her birthday Sept 20 went dead yesterday and we cannot get it to come back to life. I am bringing it back to Best Buy tomorrow being that it is still less than 30 days old so I hope they will be able to get it working short of replacing it. Question.... is this a normal thing tablet dying so quickly? Is there something I can do to bring it back? Also if I can't get it to come back on, is there a way of removing information that my wife has stored on there? Thank you! P.S. I do still have that cloning cable
  15. I was just listening to this and thought I would share. I happen to notice all the musical videos posted here and thought I would add this, hope that is okay? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMD8hBsA-RI
  16. I just went into my wife's computer and did three Windows updates among them was the latest version of Skype. Before I had a chance to restart the popup showed up. I'm hoping after the restart this error will be gone. Thank you so much for your help.
  17. I'm sorry I was speaking about 2 different computers. The computer with the BSvc problem is the computer with the Vista OS. I was thinking of doing a System Restore, but have did this as yet. I did do a Clean Boot without success. I uninstalled Skype which is the program I thought it road in on. It was Skype 7.9 so I thought it was clean. So I uninstalled Skype, did a complete sweep with Superspyware and did a Clean Boot. Do you think if I do a System Restore it will remove this popup?
  18. I just tried a Clean Boot and I'm still getting this pop-up.
  19. I'm willing to try whatever it takes. The OS is Vista. I just installed W10 on my PC yesterday and I noticed what you mention about tracking. They wanted to know everything, but I only went so far. Took about 2 hours from start to finish for the install. Do you think if I did a System Restore it would get rid of this BSVC problem?
  20. My wife keeps getting this pop up (she does not use Bing)“BSVC processor has stopped working, please close the program” and I was wondering if there was a quick fix to get rid of this before it causes damage? I did see something about Regcurepro would this be a quick/safe fix? Thank you for your help.
  21. Just put my files on Flash Drive and getting ready to upgrade to 10. Should I remove my Start button? I was thinking on going to MS site to get the link for the upgrade. What are your thoughts? Thank you! I placed almost everything I wanted to protect, but I am missing my Bookmark links. Is there a way of adding this to the Flash Drive? I was thinking about dragging, but did not look like it would work.
  22. Yes, that makes sense. It's funny I back up everything for my wife, but when it comes to me I figure I will take the loss. I have an old computer here with Windows 95 I don't suppose there's any way of removing files from this Hard Drive? Could I convert it with a convertor and just view it on let's say a Vista OS or would it not be compatible? Thank you! P.S. I will be backing up before I upgrade to 10.
  23. September 5 I plan on upgrading from my Windows 8.1 to 10 and I am hoping all goes well. I read where I should uninstall the Start Button I added to my system and I also just read where you posted above to remove present Ant-Virus. Should I uninstall Windows Defender just before upgrading to 10? Also, I thought that files would be saved during upgrade. Is back up a precautionary method just in case? Thank you!
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