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  1. Possibly, AVG retains an archaic boot record that confliicts with your new installation. Try uninstalling AVG, cleansing your registry of AVG entries and rebooting. I
  2. I like my language. It's not English, although I default toward formality. It's made me happy and opened my ear to other tongues. I
  3. I think I know who you mean.... So yep. I've not only grown accustomed to being annoyed, I've learned to get past getting a charge out of it. Well, not always, but sometimes.... I
  4. All of 'em. The second a person opens their mouth I melt in my boots. And that's not a lie or extrvaganze. I love every loud or quiet moment. I
  5. Do you mean: Just take IE's weaknesses into account and browsers like Firefox and Opera will compensate for them? I PS I hope your code is better than your English.
  6. I'm with John Lennon: Why would you want to repeat it if it was so painful the first time? I
  7. Your uneasy sexual orientation: We've figured how to package that. You being Welsh presents a greater problem though. I
  8. Alright, I'll bite: puke. But my price of admission is that somebody must come up with a change of venue. Something pray a little more imaginative than my fossiled skull can conjure. I
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