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  1. So now we're on the same page. Whew: lotsa work but worth it.... I
  2. Just an observation, Given your bubilicious imagination, I think you may have a future in Hollywood, not to mention a thick bill with the shrink of your choice. I
  3. Don't people ever get tired of porn? Particularly self-porn. This thread isn't about fantasising about other people. It's about finding permission to be an exhibitionist and fantasizing about yourself. I
  4. Parliament Mothership Connection ***** Motor Booty Affair **** I (circa 1975-78)
  5. What the pouty Bush's of this world want to do is gut the constitution, not amend it. They're offended by the rights it means to uphold. And every time they don't get their way, they cry blue murder. So why not deep-six the thing and be done with it? That's what the timid little facsists among us desire. And these days a desire amounts a right. What they don't get is the fact that love is not a desire. Or, perhaps they do, and that's what scares them the most. I
  6. Yeah right. Some employee gets busted and lose his or her job --- maybe get fined out of pocket -- and the cooperation sustains the hit and continues to do business. The cost of bussines, right. Meanwhile, some entrepeneureal landlord is making the same calculation and is busy figuring the relative benefit of allowing a grow-op at his place. I
  7. Rob, I genuinely admire your ability to parse socio-economic issues. But you're entirely wrong vis a vis your statement as quoted as follows: What is happening is a pure function of capitalism. Not true. At the very least, the Federal Reserve Bank pronounces policy upon which Wall Street prognosticates. At best bearing the above in mind, the federal administration devises economic policy which favours its benefactors. I
  8. Ian


    Rob, You left out #4 : Get the f#@k out. I Let me tell you why America will never leave the Middle East. It's only contemporaneously about oil. Take the long view: Russia has not been extinguished. It still can be a threat should it establish a warm-water port and it's most natural warm-water port lies within Iraqi jurisdiction. Meanwhile, China hastens to establish a Western shorefront. And remember: China and Russia are uneasy historical allies, willing to sacrifice each other for perceived short-term gains. So, to play China against Russia, the United
  9. Ian


    Abandonment or long-term support? I'm dazzled to even conceive of such a choice. Support ? I suppose if you imagine it upon the deck of an aircraft carrier with three-squares and a bevy of F-16's at your back it might be plausible. And abandonment ? How can someone who's never been noticed in the first place, except as a pesky annoyance, be abandoned? I
  10. Got tickets to Elvis Costello so I've been listening to him a lot. Pilate -- A band out of Toronto. Very musical but punchy too, if a bit morose. I
  11. I'm a late replier and so forgive me if I don't immediately respond to issues brought up before. The present administration has engaged in belligerant acts against a foreign power in contravention of the American constitution. to wit The presiding administration may bring American troops to bear against a foreign power without congressional support if a real and imminent danger to the nation is at hand. Nevertheless, within sixty days, such admistration must bring forth an act of war before Congress, to be codified therein. There was no imminent danger and, more to the point, Congress
  12. Ozzie's a ho but Ritchie makes it.
  13. Bought my kid Elvis Costello's Girls Girls Girls for XMas. Just got a chance to drop it into my driving-to-work CD. What a howl!... Can't wait to share our pleasure live in the spring. We've got tickets. I PS My boy loves Declean McManus at least as much as I do.
  14. Sex is good. Janet Jakson, on the other hand: Middling to poor. More to the point is America's seeming inabilty to come to terms with its obsession with violence and its readiness to supply sex as a proxy for that inadaquacy. Just look at the context. I
  15. That's just about the damnedest, most profane, most profound two sentences I've ever read hereabouts. I'm in, Dave. Just the same, as a humanitarian, I have no choice but to suffer my challengers. And, I have no wish to bring about the apocalypse, much as I'd sometimes like to. Which leads to the uncomfortable notion of compromise.... I
  16. True enough neo, but don't you see the perversion? Some versions (including those which have beeen sucessfully pirated) are spared the agony of activating themelves while most legally purchased versions have no such option. Patent protection as practised by MicroSoft is fatally flawed in its own right, not to mention the fact that it is highly suspect ethically. I
  17. My god, This is filtrated American propaganda. I'm not impressed. I
  18. No photo as a direct link depsite the headline. Be more disciplined when offering dissenting views. I
  19. I don't know about America but where I live all souls enjoy full rights within limits. That's how we protect ourselves from predators. I
  20. The fact that Mr. Arar was not placed into Canadian custody is not just troubling, it's alarming. Putting aside Mr. Arar's supposed crimes, the stark belligerence of American authorities in taking possesion of a foreign national leaves one without breath. But, Canada's timid dishing of a little speck of a fellow to the big man is nothing short of depressing. I
  21. At least, it's the only political position to have, under the circumstances. Oh, drear.... I
  22. Which leads us to Syrian-born Candaian citizen Arar, who was arrested by American police and deported to Syria (with Canadian collusion) without charge, so that Syrian authorities could torture him for information away from American soil. I
  23. I still believe that Iraq has very little to do with oil and much more to do with claiming America as a replacement of foregone empires such as Russia and Britain. The Iraqi war is driven by a tiny group of manic-depressives who have learned that the American electorate are only too willing to embrace their own weaknesses. I
  24. The prisoners taken in Afghanistan and presently being held at Guantanamo Bay are quite specifically not deemed to be prisoners of war. They are considered to be enemy combatants by the Bush administration, such distinction serving to justify the flagrant denial of human rights they continue to suffer. As for the question of geographical jurisdiction: If Cuban jurisprudence applies at Gitmo, then what the hell is the American military doing there in the first place? You think they've got a standing invitation to afternoon tea from Fidel? I Oh, and by the way.... No constitutional d
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