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    Pc Start Up

    Sounds like your rig is overheating. Check your fan and ventilation.
  2. Ian

    Linux & Cable Modems

    Thx B, I'm just about to crash so I'll check into it tommorrow. BTW, Mandy is running just fine (I'm corresponding via Galeon right now). Also, I D/L'ed a floppy-only version of Linux that runs completely in RAM (tomsrtbt). It's quite limited but maybe because of that, it's really helping me to learn Linux mechanics. Cheers, I
  3. Post Win95, vcache tweaks are unnecceary. Caching problems encountered in Win95 were dealt with in Win98. If they should arise, they should be dealt with in the registry. *.ini files are only preserved in Win98 for the purposes of backward compatibility. Assuming you no longer run any DOS programs, you can safely delete autoexec.bat, sys.config and all *.ini files and remain confident that your system will boot and run fine without them.
  4. Ian

    Linux & Cable Modems

    B, I tried to ftp SuSE a couple of days ago. Got as far as booting from the floppy but was then told that no network adapter could be found. I was given no chance to configure it myself. Had no choice but to reboot. Internal VIA/Rhine ethernet but on an ECS all-in-one board. Clues? I
  5. I haven't had dial-up for a few years now but to the best of my recollection, 46K up and 25K down is pretty respectable from a 56K modem. The 56K designation represents the maximum performance your card has been graded at on a perfect system with no real-life signal degradation. If you can achieve the maximum speeds you've posted, I doubt it's your local phone lines or your machine's configuration. You're more likely at the mercy of the weather, traffic and the relative health of the other networks you have to pass through whenever you page a distant site.
  6. Ian


    AVG has been my AV of choice for a couple of years, now. I've never had any problems with it, am always amazed at the job it does for free and would put it up against any commercial prog in heartbeat. One caveat though: Program versions provided on magazine disks almost invariably have extra code which can cause the program in question to behave erratically. Better to dowload the original. Which leads to my second caveat: Never buy a mag on the strength of the contents of the included CD. I
  7. mmanya said: That's true enough as far as it goes. But you should always make a record whenever you anticipate further problems -- Contact with your local PD could become evidence in and of itself. In fact, your correspondence here could conceivably be called as evidence in a court of law. Ax's combined advice to contact your FD and go to the top (the Fire Marshall) without delay is right on the mark. I know this won't protect you in the short-term but I strongly suggest you keep all notes, records, emails, correspondence, observations and recollections in a dated file. That would in
  8. First you could just try thinking about any program that might take SV as an acronym. Do you have any programs like that?
  9. The key question is: What is the meaning of the sv prefix that precedes the host titles on your menu-list? Figure that out and you'll be a long way towards settling the prescence of those multiple process entries . I
  10. Updating the BIOS has become much more manageble of late but the danger remains: If you screw it up, your only recourse may be to send your board back to the manufacturer at a hefty price. More to the point, I see you're discussing 133Mgz clock-speeds. That's ancient history that occupies a time when BIOS-updates were only for the very knowledgeable. My advice: Don't touch it. Just pay attention to the System Requirements specified on the software packaging of the program you wish to install. I
  11. It's kind of unlikely that the modem itself is the source of the noise insofar as it has no internal moving parts. It's much more probable that your HD is complaining of unneccesary strain. The modem could still be the problem, though: It could be failing, the result being it's continual attempt to write-to-disk as part of an effort to correct a lost or never-secured connection between your local machine and the internet. Device Manager only shows whether your machine recognises the peripheral in question, not its relative health. So long as your modem continues to perform intermittently, Devi
  12. A few months ago, we picked up an eight-year-old Rhodesian ridge-back/Hungarian Viszla cross. She's been nothing but a a pain-in-the-:filtered: matched with a darling and sweetheart temprement. I think we'll keep her. I
  13. kd is correct: You must establish parameters by which your system will be judged and Sandra is a very good vehicle to do so. Heads up: It's not uncommon to see retailers remarket CPUs at higher clock-speeds than the manufacturer has specified. I
  14. VoPT from www.goldenbow.com by far. It'll cost you $30US if you decide to keep it but it's perfectly free for the first thirty days. Check it out -- You won't be disappointed.
  15. Let me tell you this: I was an English Major, so I suppose I have a fetish for proper usage of the language. More to the point, I worry about the site making mistakes which might be documenmted and brought to bear in future legal actions. That's why I'm such a stick-in-the-mud. I
  16. No hard fellings, at all! It's just about protecting the site from piranhas. Cheers, I
  17. Forgive me if I misunderstood or offended. Nevertheless, my point remains that the concept of negotiating product-keys via e-mail appears deceptive and skuldugerous. I
  18. randy, Your advice is eqaully illegal and objectionable. Piracy is not tolerated at PCPitstop in any way, shape or form. I
  19. grokster stinks as a matter of form. Get rid of it.
  20. It may be a remnant of Online Services. Check your Registry. I
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