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    Who Is Better

    Dave, You gave me new insight re [email protected] and I apoligise if I've failed in that regard. As for GD being acrid, I just don't see it. Granted it's a bit freewheeling, but it only provides a rescue valve for the rest of the site. In fact, I find it quite tame, and thankfully so. I
  2. Ian

    Who Is Better

    I'm unclear as to your position concerning etiquiette. If you review this thread you'll find I was insulted first. Moreover, I rarely respond in kind. I'm a bit miffed that you targetted me in this instance. I
  3. Yep, it's easy. Quit consorting with those damned Mexicans. I
  4. Nice deke but that's the point, isn't it? If you were made to choose, what would your choice be? I
  5. Good question. Is death involved? What if you see no other option? I
  6. Excellent question but I think it's more complicated than you know. How about we suspend testing on animals. Should we then also suspend research based upon testing that has been done on animals in the past? Should we also reverse human gains resulting from the use of other species? I
  7. Ian

    Who Is Better

    thx d, My position seemed obvious but a rear-guard is always welcome. Cheers, I
  8. Ian

    Who Is Better

    It means I think Ax shut down the thread before applying his discretion and did so with a bit of high-mindedness. I PS It is English I speak. You should try it sometime.
  9. A perfectly civilized conversation shut down arbitrarily and sanctimoniously. I
  10. Granted. Nevertheless it is important. I
  11. Good on you p, People often misunderstand each other online. It's a signature virtue of this site that we both had the opportunity to dial back a bit before things got acrimonious. Cheers, I
  12. Kerry. Nobody could be worse than Bush. Oh, I'm wrong. Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld: Any one of those are far worse. Elect Kery if only to eliminate the evil cabal driving Dubya. I
  13. Absurd, especially under the present political climate. Any public comment, either graphical or verbal, is viewed as vexatious nowadys. The only reason music and sex scores a bye is because it generates so much coin. I
  14. I wasn't targeting teachers p, although I've had my share of run-ins.... I was actually targeting milquetoast citizens who scream bloody murder at the first wound but who can't be bothered to vote. In review, I can see how you might have mistaken my intent. Apologies, I
  15. I'm with you DX, I've just about had it with these cowards. In my day they either shamed you or threatened you with expulsion. Nowadays, they bring out the SWAT team and/or a squad of counselers. I
  16. You guys are talking about shirts?!! Good God. My son's highschool looks like a peeler academy. The shirts they wear barely cover the anatomy, nevermind the devil's message they don't have the acreage to carry. I
  17. How about a bet? After having devalued her stock early, she's gonna say something late to enrich both of them. I
  18. It has to do with a progressive and seemingly understandable erosion of rights which must be resisted, the acceptance of which leads to entropic facism. It has to do with a legitimate diminunition of rights in one quarter leading to a lazy inability to protect them in another. :censored: up! I
  19. It wouldn't have been that hard. Keepng it on would have been though. A long time ago I used to hang out in Victoria Park in Niagara Falls doing a lot of dope. In October 1970 a political crisis in Canada led to the invocation of the War Measures Act. Among my friends, we were all too stoned and Anglo to have anything to do with the FLQ (the Quebecoais political faction that created the crisis) but that didn't stop the local cops from taking advantage of martial law as an excuse to brutalize and kick our :filtered: into jail without the warrant they had so desparately coveted for s
  20. Bruce, Ya beat me to it: That's gotta be the most laughable and optimistically deranged take on things since Watergate. Still, chances stand 50-50 as of now. I
  21. I just wish once in my lifetime civic responsibility would be taken seriously. I'm a rock'n roller too, but Nader's just not going to do it in the big tent. Neither are any other patches of narcissistic dissent. It's Bush or Kerry and if I were American I know who'd I'd vote for. I
  22. It's called plausible deniability. It didn't work for Nixon and it's not working for Bush. I
  23. Taiwan's not going anywhere. The Beijing elite recognises Taipei's solid and pre-emptive foundation in modern society and is jockeying for position in the new political order destined to arise from the island once the two Chinas combine. I
  24. guru, Best scenario is increased investment in pharmaceutical manufacturing and research, providing domestic jobs and widespread continental availability of drugs. Worst and most likely scenario is yet another pitted trade war between NAFTA partners Canada and the US. I PS If America is really serious about reclaiming its allies, let them start with bringing the softwood lumber faction to heel. Canada -- US relations will never be made right until American harvesters are made to follow scientific values as opposed to political ones.
  25. Is it under warranty? Sounds like a harware problem to me. I
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