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  1. B, Yes we're a racist lot. But we improve with time. That would include Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, animists, heathens, wiccans, agnostics and atheists etc.... As I've said before: Patience is advised. I
  2. B, You know I love you but you're avoiding the cardinal point Israel is an artificial state, the creation of which has caused generational turmoil and despair amongst its former inhabitants. I don't begrudge the Israelis for ekeing out their plot in the desert. But I do judge them for taking out their anger against the Nazis on the people they've displaced. I
  3. B, Israel is an artificially created state designed to provide a rearguard for the retreating British Empire, regardless of what the Jews or Arabs had in mind. Unless you're prepared to debate colonial history, I think it's unfair of you to demand forward proofs. I
  4. Call me a hopeless optimist but I think you're wrong there one2. First, the Palestinians are every bit as fatigued as the Israelis after sixty years of internicine bloodshed. Second, there is a racist strain in western thought that assumes that Arabs (and Jews) are incapable of settling their own affairs. I beg to differ. Sure, the withdrawal won't solve things tout court. But it does signify the beginning of a peaceful partition of a homeland that both the Israelis and Palestinians call their own. I
  5. m, Remember what I said about dialing it back? It's a two-way street. People say they hate a bad loser but they hate a bad winner even worse. And with good cause. There are more battles to come. Allow your foes to lick their wounds. I
  6. So then should America withdraw support from Mexico for their activities in Chiapas? Or is it only the reckless fellows who stupidly don't lie that should be punished? I
  7. You consider the alternative. A large part of Hamas's position must needs become rhetorical now they have something to lose. Patience is advised. I
  8. Can we dial it back a bit? We're all fighting lost battles here. Hamas was elected democratically under American aegis so let's see what they do. And let's remember, they have little experience in that regard and they have many factions to mollify as they struggle to assume power, a struggle much more complicated and difficult than being in perpetual opposition. And let's remember too, the Israeli's were once referred to as terrorists and they managed to sculpt a premonition of democracy, given the chance. I
  9. There is a fundamental likeness. The west trades on casualties as martyrs every bit as much as the east does. And thanks to the manic efforts of the evangelicals, the veil of false objectivity that has masked that fact for the past 200 years is beginning to to tatter and fray. I
  10. I got molested more than once and by more than one person (I decline to provide the details -- you'll just have to trust me). And thirty-five, forty years later, I'm still angry. I haven't sucessfully forgiven them but I wish I could. I have vengeance in my heart but I know it's the right thing to try to be rid of that. It's bad enough they laid hands on me. But if I were to lay hands on them I'd have to give up all hope of putting them out of my life. It would cease to be what they did to me. It would become what I did to them. And that would be indelible. I
  11. An :filtered:hole with a high accent. I
  12. An absolutley gorgeous song. I have no defence against it. I
  13. Michelle Shocked Short, Sharp, Shocked I
  14. The pit used to be a lot more fun before the rules. It was wild but very forgiving. Then a lot of people signed up and that led to the necessity of some kind of rigor. Huge mistakes were made but they were fixed, sort of. Anyway, I'm a blind optimist. I believe we'll reach many a plateau beyond the renaisscence we're enjoying now. I
  15. And Tookie's dead so I return this thread to its progenitors, with the promise of no further guerilla tactics on my part. I
  16. Let m make my own position clear: I unequivocally oppose capital punishment. I realise other citizens do not agree with me. And I understand certain members raised the issue of amnesty in order to re-instate other members who have fallen on disagreeable terms with the forum. But, given Mr Williams predicament, I thought it irresponsible to not take this opportunity to add my voice to the plea for his clemency. Somehow, that seems more important. I
  17. I thought I'd made it clear. I don't diminsh the possibility of banished members of the community being welcomed back. I
  18. You're right. At Xmas the definition of amnesty should be trivialised and sugar-coated. How else could we get through the rest of the year? I
  19. My understanding is that three elements must be balanced to arrive at what we in the West call justice: Deterence, rehabilitation and retribution. It seems to me that only the latter animates your position. I
  20. Well, that's succint if not very enlightening. Would you care to expand? I
  21. I'm all for Christmas every day and I mean that. Our ability to export charity to those whom we feel least deserve it is a measure of our decency. Clemency for Tookie Williams would be a good start this holiday season. I
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