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  1. Will Knoppix LiveCD help him get into a windows accout?


    Yes. Recovering the windows partition will take some minor Linux/Unix tuition, but viewing it should be pretty much automatic.



  2. For Father's Day my kids just bought me the new Wolfmother CD and I haven't stopped grinning since.


    Pure1971 with minimal signal adjustment. It's just killer, straight out of the amp. One part Sab, one part Deep Puurple, one part Zep -- it's the real thing. These guys don't care, they just smoke.



  3. You gotta take a grain of salt.


    I used to fire up meth intravenously thirty-five years ago as an adolescent. I :filtered:ed up madly. It's an ugly business Nevertheless, I recovered somewhat. Being a citizen requires you to conjure some form of imagination and that's what saved me -- I do and have always believed in the paramount value of the combination of collective and individual rights.



  4. No resident of an invaded territory should ever have to wear the brand 'terrorist' because he fights back.



    Your point is well taken. One must recognise that a people was expelled from its territory in order to artificiially manufacture a modern Jewish state. Moreover, the compusion to do so had more to do with European politics and guilt than it had to do with Middle Eastern realities



  5. Let's remember this moment when the propaganda machinery starts again

    As predicted, the financial suffocation of the Palestinian state under Hamas is unsustainable. Local states (Iran) have hastened provide stop-gap funding for Palestine while this thing is sorted out



  6. The record needs to be set straight before a permanent resolution can found.

    Just about to go forward and read the couple of days I've missed but I feel it's necessary to respond to this sentiment.


    I think you're wrong. And I'll say this to Jews and Muslims and Americans and Canadians and Tibetans and Chinese and Pakistanis and Indians and whoever else wants to listen: Justice is a mature ambition. It does not consist of settling scores.


    Somebody's got to make the first move and it won't be the president or prime minister. It'll be us. Sooner or later, it'll be us. It always is. As it should be.



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