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  1. Hey B, I've been running Arch for about a month now and I think it's the deer's ears: Very fast and yet very complete. Trouble is, I tried to install compiz yesterday and found I had no native xorg.conf file. When I ran xorgconfig to create the necessary file it euchred my access to kdm: I was stuck with just a command line. I know it's a linkage problem but I don't know how to correct it. Could you send me a few instructions on how to remedy my plight? Also, how is possible for X to run without a conf file? Thx in advance, I
  2. The part I found alarming was the spot for Suspicious Activity with no space to define it, not to mention its relatively high rate of incidence. I
  3. There is the amount of money that the dispensing banks see fit to release. There is also the amount of value that various endeavors are likley to furniish. I
  4. God forgives always. No trips, always.
  5. Ian


    Grammar addict I am, I think it's the wrong strategy. But, if it gets kids dope on language, I got no complaints. I
  6. The bread must be extremely yeasty and fresh. I have no appetite in the absence of a warm and satisifying loaf of freshly-baked bread. Serve it up with some pasta or olives or artichoke hearts or cheese or pickled peppers. A generous spill of olive oil never goes amiss. I
  7. No.I invented this site. Actually, one of those MIT stiffs did and made me the fall guy. I
  8. You have said you dislike China. You must now explain why. I
  9. Volt, You are a naughty boy who has spoken out of school and must answer for his indiscretion. I
  10. And then we could all have a picnic. But on the other hand, maybe it would be better if certain parties failed to be so naive. I
  11. Getting back to the trees.... I'm not impressed. China has systematically ravaged its own countryside since long before the capitalists joined the party. Sure it's a good thing they're planting a few shrubs but they're doing it for the wrong reasons and so they're not making a very good job of it. I
  12. I don't entirely agree with moon's point of view but he does have a point. al-Jazeera is attempting to position itself as an objevtive voice in the Middle East, and I don't mind supporting that one little bit. I
  13. There's a place at UBC called CERF that recycles their whole capital castoffs, including computers, desks, chairs, lab equpment etc. The last time I was there they had a SPARC mainframe amongst their other Sally-Ann items. I
  14. I've been ragging on these ant-hate laws for an age. It's a damned ugly business that can only lead to more tears than it prevents. Having a constitution that protects free speech means you have to stand up once in a while fort villains you don't like who have the same rights you do. The alternative has been illustrated in the past and it's not a pretty picture. I
  15. My son is diabetic -- diagnosed at age five. Eat bread. Eat vegetables. Eat meat. Eat sugar. Just do it in parts. Control your intake and get some exercise. If you really need a sprawl, try to make your pig-out veggie heavy and then consume some proteins and carbohydrates before you sleep. I
  16. Ian

    weak links

    The point is: Why should first viewers be hypnotised by a series of links that deflect their attention from an argument that was never posted in the first place? I
  17. I've said for years that people have been doing this but nobody wanted to listen. Finally, someone's come out and admitted it. Relying on links to provide your primary argument is weak and confusing and leads to nothing but trouble. There should be a rule against it. Something like the first two lines must not contain a hyperlink or your post will not be accepted. I
  18. Let me get this straight: Divorces exceed weddings? I'm not a mathematician but I fail to reconcile the numbers. I
  19. Dateline North America: Middle-class citizens cease to care about meaningless news. Anarchy reigns as sherrifs seek to restore order. I
  20. You like that? I've always dug his voice but that rendition just made me depressed. He could have done so much better if he had his own writer, perhaps even himself. I
  21. and that's all she wrote. I love the old stuff too, especially P-Funk. But don't you think it's kind of sad the way people don't even try to come up with something new? They just recycle old stuff, trip as it is. Sampling's cool but don't you think it's hindered creativity, at least in the short term? Honest question. I
  22. That's a very interesting submission. On what basis is it assumed that such a warning should be posted? I
  23. Sidebar: is innacurate. is a better noun to use. I
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