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  1. Ian


    About fifty years ago. Haven't you been reading Reader's Digest? Iain
  2. I love America. It's not easy but, like your citizens, I make my effort too. Iain
  3. I'm cross with my fellow parents. They can't let go of their progeny. They have all these unimaginable rules. I remember what it was like to be young and stupid and you do too. I
  4. Wrong question: Any guitar is good. Pick up something, get started, get dissatisfied, get motivated. PS Never sell a guitar: They all sound good somehow. I
  5. Wow! Yeah, it's pretty clear there's nothing to talk about here. So long, I
  6. Bruce, I suggest you're wrong insofar as travellers must seek their nearest port, and most of those dry ports are populated by friends, or friends of friends of landholders. Word travels fast in a small community. As I said, it's been a pretty darn effective border security system for centuries, and barring tanks rolling through Bangor, I don't see that changing. More to the point, you haven't suggested an alternative. More federal guards? A fence (which would include more federal guards)? Appropriation of Canadian territory in order to design a more easily defensible geographic border (federal troops)? Facilitate a military coup in America's northern vassal state (more federal troops)? How would you solve this problem (which, in my opinion, doesn't exist)? I
  7. Sorry. A bit of ragged poetry for the sake of rhythm Bruce. But my point remains. Do you mean to suggest that your kin wouldn't notice movement across their own land? Even a straggler or two? Isn't that what we've relied on for 200 years and hasn't it worked out better than most borders? And what's the alternative? Border guards from the city under ferderal employ? I'm not clear on what you're suggesting. I
  8. Anecdotal evidence of uncertain detail occuring sometime in the nostalgic past. Yep, that sure would set me to fencin' up the longest undefended border in human history. I
  9. Show me reliable data that proves that Canada is an insecure route of transit or immigration into the United States of America. I defy you. Fox Network is not considered a reliable source of information. I
  10. My worry about illegal border incursions have more to do with American military and economic belligerance in Canadian Arctic waters than it does with minor illicit trade and immigration violations at the surprisingly secure 49th parallel. I
  11. On reflection, I don't mind the notion of ID cards. I don't see how they're that much different from passports. The key is, and always has been, the necessity of civic purview upon government activity. The anxiety isn't the cards themselves, it's the chumps issuing them. I
  12. I've been thinking laterally for years. I don't need no schooling in it. It just comes naturally to me. The missus isn't very fond of it though. I
  13. Nope. It means I'll share a drink with you and cover your on the playground if you'll cover mine. I
  14. Some of us are slower than others. We all get there in the end. I
  15. That is the sweetest thing I've ever seen uttered in voice or in print. For that you get a free pass into life -- anytime, anywhere. Cheers mate, I
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