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  1. That's the usual method so long as you have nothing to lose and you know how to regenerate a working system. I
  2. Yes. Recovering the windows partition will take some minor Linux/Unix tuition, but viewing it should be pretty much automatic. I
  3. Pick up a Knoppix LiveCD and boot from that and make your modifications from there. I
  4. For Father's Day my kids just bought me the new Wolfmother CD and I haven't stopped grinning since. Pure1971 with minimal signal adjustment. It's just killer, straight out of the amp. One part Sab, one part Deep Puurple, one part Zep -- it's the real thing. These guys don't care, they just smoke. I
  5. Matis Yahu, the rappin' reggae rabbi. Take it from me: This guy is killer and his band just smokes. I
  6. You gotta take a grain of salt. I used to fire up meth intravenously thirty-five years ago as an adolescent. I :filtered:ed up madly. It's an ugly business Nevertheless, I recovered somewhat. Being a citizen requires you to conjure some form of imagination and that's what saved me -- I do and have always believed in the paramount value of the combination of collective and individual rights. I
  7. I wouldn't be too happy to meet any of you pissant buggars.But I suspect you'd cherish similar sentiment. I'd hope at least. I
  8. ? Have you noticed, lad? Turkey and Iraq are neighbours. They are involved. I
  9. OK, It's not only reason, but I suggest it does loom large in US foreign policy in the region. Do you honestly think the Yankees care about Aussie sentiments? I
  10. I agree. The only reason the American military is still there is to prevent the establsihment of a Kurdistani state that would euchre their deal with the Turks. I
  11. moon, Your point is well taken. One must recognise that a people was expelled from its territory in order to artificiially manufacture a modern Jewish state. Moreover, the compusion to do so had more to do with European politics and guilt than it had to do with Middle Eastern realities I
  12. As predicted, the financial suffocation of the Palestinian state under Hamas is unsustainable. Local states (Iran) have hastened provide stop-gap funding for Palestine while this thing is sorted out I
  13. I'm Ok, You're OK. Dib Dib. I
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