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  1. Sorry guys I've been bogged down with work the last few days! I'll check out the link and get back to you guys. Thank you for all the help and advice!
  2. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0111MU5ZA?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_act_title_2&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER The PC And http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0098Y77U0?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_act_title_1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER The monitor This is what I came up with, I haven't ordered anything yet. I'm not happy with AMD anything. I really feel Intel is the way to go. If I had to sacrifice or "roll the dice" and settle for something I would think as long as it was Intel i3 or higher then the graphics card could be on board or AMD. I feel that way because I've seen i3 and how quick they are to load videos and play Facebook games. My laptop is AMD 8 and it's quick but the i3 is quicker
  3. Yes. that's the same problem I have. I did get one to $604 with a monitor but it wasn't the exact way I thought it should be. I wanted the CPU to be Intel and graphics card to be Nvidia or better but the price changed dramatically when I customized it...so frustrating!
  4. Yes the $600 was a bit to far to strech but if it made the difference between FPS I would be willing to go it.
  5. Now that's what I'm wanting him to feel. He's always been into computers and gaming and this laptop was a hand me down and it's one of the slowest computers I've ever seen
  6. Ok I think I understand better now. Thanks for everyone's help!
  7. So the CPU determines how fast a game loads and there's so many choices when it comes to CPUs. I thought AMD was only video card but I've seen some that have AMD processors( I hope that makes sense and I don't look stupid here) and Intel i3,i7. I've run into the problem of on board graphic cards(AMD radeon) being paired with Intel i3s,i7s (the type of CPU I am interested in) and I feel like the Nvidia graphic cards are a better way to go. Ughhh! it's all running together at this point! I've read so much and have a better idea of what he needs and I see why everyone says to build it myself because it's cheaper and most manufacturers don't pair the things that should be paired together! And monitors add another $200 to get a good one! I need a break from this for now lol. I appreciate you hanging in there with this conversation and working thru my confusion and questions.
  8. I wish I knew someone to build one for him, I wouldn't feel comfortable making that choice or being the one doing it! After reseaching a little Cyber PCs are customiazble but WOW!!
  9. Without researching it before I ask I wonder if a different brand gaming pc would be a less expensive way to go and maybe get "all in one" that includes a monitor. Since when did they stop including monitors when your buying a desktop?!!!
  10. I'm still here insinuating the name change lol? I've had so many accounts on PC Pitstop over the years and forgot emails or passwords so I used my Facebook info to create my account this time. I didn't like my entire name showing so I changed it to what its always been We did loose someone though..Nigsy disappeared! The whole monitor thing would save money and allow me to spend it on the actual tower but my son pointed out he'll still be using the Playstation AND the Desktop at the same time so I guess I'm trying to avoid the inevitable purchase so I know he'll get exactly what he needs to be up and running full force. That's hard to explain to a 14 year old lol. The monitor you suggested is expensive! Hell it's all expensive! Would his image quality be affected by a cheaper monitor?
  11. Where'd ya go? I was hoping you'd have some experience and advice
  12. Thank you for giving me something to compare the 2 FPS to...So 30 and above is best? Wow that's a big difference for sure. He said the other day that when he plugs the laptop into a bigger screen that it distorts the image and slows down the computer. I've noticed that none of these Cyber Pc's have monitors with them so I suggested using his smart TV and that's when he says it's distorted. Can a smart TV or HDMI TV be used with a PC?
  13. are you referring to the Walmart link? I don't guess it matters really. He's really got his heart set on the Cyber Power brand because his friend has hyped him up about it. Didn't Dell use to build a PC the way you wanted it? I'm sure other companies do but I don't know enough about the gaming part of it to "order" one. So whats the best video card for gaming? I've seen the i3,i7 and some have NVIDEA(sp) graphics cards and others have on board graphics card. I wrote down what you suggested with 8 gigs ans quad core. This is the type of information I'm trying to get and compare with what other people say works best.I knew that coming to Pc Pitstop I would get the answers I needed. If it really saves that much to build it from scratch I'll read up on it and see the difference. Thank you for the info!
  14. He's 14 ...He has a laptop now that's always having some sort of issue. It loads 2 FPS and that really messes with his game play.
  15. I've also seen some bad reviews on the Cyber Power brand
  16. Thanks Caintry Boy! The Walmart link you shared is one of the ones I was comparing other lower priced ones to. A $50 price difference changes if the computer is i3 or AMD..I've seen a i3 and it's pretty quick but I don't know what I'm comparing it to If I knew enough about it I would let him try to build his own(that's where he's headed) but I wouldn't know where to start lol!
  17. Thanks for the response! I'm working with $500 maybe $600 but that's pushing it. I've looked at them online and there's such a difference between a $479 one and a $529 one.
  18. So I know these things are built for Gaming....but how do I know what I need based on what I'm going to be doing with it? How much memory do I need? What if its not enough memory? What kind of processor? Should it have a integrated on board graphic card or whats the difference if it doesn't? My son asked for this gaming PC for Christmas so anything y'all can tell me would help. I know he plays online and uses Steam to download and play games with other people. I really don't want to talk to someone in the retail business because they assume I know the difference between AMD 2 gig graphics and NVIDEA or Intel I3 processor and AMD Fx processor and I have no clue what they mean! Thanks for any help!
  19. I appreciate all the help! I completely forgot I posted this..LOL..I haven't turned the tablet on in awhile but I'll try this tomorrow and post back the results. Thanks again!
  20. Has anyone heard of this? I've done a little research but it's not been much help. My son has a Galaxy Tab 3 and when it's booted it has his home screen for just a second and then this FBI screen comes up asking for money and so on...can anyone help me remove it please?
  21. She's gonna need her bookbag and clothes. Jason has nothing we can borrow, their all to small. I need mine to. How soon can you get them together?

  22. Birthday's went great for the kids! They are so lucky to have so much love in the family. Grandparents are da bomb! Mommies and Daddies are the best!! Corbin ended up with his first BB gun and Tessa her first real gold necklace! All kinds of great presents for them both. I think the PSP was the top present for Corbin and Tessa with the Furby Boom! I love you both!

  23. Fall festival with Tessa Camper

  24. Me and my kids on a ride in the mountains last weekend. Corbin caught a frog in a cup and they surfed in the bed of the truck!

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