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  1. Hey thanks fellas, when I first got my computer all I had was my 42" LG TV so I plugged that in the Gainward Graphic card while waiting for my newely ordered Samsung 23" led screen. I got the MSI card and the monitor at the same day (yesterday) and was so eager to plug in the graphic card. I didnt bother trying to hook up the monitor at all. Then after all the trial and error I said to myself "perhaps the monitor forces the computer into taking notice there actually ARE two cards" and when I plugged in the samsung I noticed the msi card used its intergrated card drivers. I updated the graphic driver with the latest,restarted and voila my dear system told me "This computer is compatible with sli" I went into Nvidia setup and turn SLI on I had a great night sleeping
  2. I actually found out what the problem was after 5 hours:P lol great eh?
  3. Hey guys,I'm kinda new on this forum but not so much on an Norwegian forum. I found out I need some international help from you guys since I'm stuck. Alrighty my computer is a Sandy bridge setup with an P67A GD80 [b3] Motherboard My two Graphic cards are Gainward Geforce Gtx 560 ti MSI Twinfrozr Geforce Gtx 560 ti I inserted both cards into the slots and added power to both cards. Both cards seem to be running as well but on the Nvidia control panel it only see one of em. Ive tried to update the motherboard drivers and the graphic drivers with their own respective driver cd but I get no option at all to turn on SLI Because that's my main problem. I can't seem to turn SLI on at all. I bridged the two Graphic cards together aswell and after trying out several things I'm totally clueless to what I can do to fix the problem for good. Any ideas that could help a poor soul get some rest? I thank you for every answer and advice I can get. Morten
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