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  1. Desktop tips and tricks The short time it takes you to organize your desktop can save you time and help make your computing experience simpler and more pleasant. Move program shortcuts to the Quick Launch toolbar Many people keep program‌ shortcuts on their desktop, but open windows can block your view of the desktop. The Quick Launch toolbar solves this problem because it is on the taskbar, which is visible even when you have windows open. For example, if you’ve added a web browser shortcut to the Quick Launch toolbar and you are working in a document, you don't have to min
  2. Open up Disk Management, you can Right-Click on Computer and choose Manage and then select Disk Management to do this. Right-Click on Disk Management and choose Attach VHD. Enter the path to the VHD. You can choose to mark it Read-Only as well. Click OK. The drive will mount and display in Disk Management. You’ll notice the disk icon is also blue to help you distinguish it as a mounted VHD. To dismount, Right-Click the disk and select Detatch VHD. You will be given the option to delete the VHD as well, but it is not the default. Click OK to detatch.
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