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  1. I believe this link will give the pitstop information you wanted. I used to have Kaspersky when I got whacked with malware about a year ago. I took it to the same guy to fix. After the fix I switched to Webroot. Thanks for the help!
  2. I just brought my computer back from paying to get it uninfected, but I swear it is still infected. I use Webroot antivirus and it isn't picking up any cookies, which is not normal for it. I just restarted the computer and got a bunch of messages with Spybot about Firewall Authorized Applications the changes are deletions: C:\KAV\kis\setup.exe Old data: C:\KAV\kis\setup.exe.*.Disable:Kaspersky Internet Security 7. It keeps popping up a bunch of Firewall changes and they don't seem to stop. The hard drive is buzzing all the time now too. Something isn't right.
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