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  1. mme - the first suggestion was done before I ever posted - that's the setting in Accessibility I referred to in my first post. And since it didn't work, that's why I posted. And since my Mother is typing while looking at some text off-screen, she wouldn't see the flashing screen. That was my suggestion and her answer when I suggested an alternative to the beep. An audible would work because it's not dependant on where she looks. That doesn't seem to be a possibility at this point. But thanks anyway.
  2. I have a feeling that you're right. Last night I was playing around with it some more and tried remapping the Caps Lock key to the Num Lock key, and that didn't work. And I tried a different utility that let you remap the key as well as play a beep or another .wav sound of your choice through external speakers, and that didn't work either. So we've agreed that she's just going to have to learn to look at the screen periodically to see if the Caps Lock is on. She learned her secretary skills during WWII on a typewriter, so with that different mechanism for locking capital letters she didn't
  3. I looked and Beep is there. I checked in Properties and it's listed as started and working properly. Still not working, either with the Caps Lock utility on or off.
  4. My mother has a new install of XP Pro on a new computer. Sound works fine - she can play audio files, hear email notifications, etc. but she can't hear a beep when she accidentally hits the caps lock key. I went through the Accessibility settings and they were set as they should be. I found this program (http://www.georgejopling.co.uk/capslock/capslock.html) and downloaded and installed it. Visually it works fine, but still no beep. I have it checked for Caps Lock, unchecked for Num Lock, Speakers checked, Key Count at 1, and checked to save on exit. She has never had any version of this progr
  5. It's a Dell with the i7 chip, 6 GB of tri-channel memory. Going from an AMD Sempron 2300, I think it'll be an improvement. :-)
  6. The video card is Via/S3G UniChrome IGP 32MB. My computer is an old one, and is to be replaced in about 10 days. I've been having problems with this one with spontaneous reboots and subsequent inability to find the drive on restart, unless it's left to freeze overnight and then started in the morning. I've done that 3 times, and it's come back, but I realize I can't keep doing that. I've been told it's the hdd going, but if I leave the computer always on, it seems to work ok. So I was just running your tests to see if something stood out, like maybe a memory problem. I have 2 GB memory (the
  7. And that's my point...why would a site like PCPitstop have tests that can only be taken using IE? Shouldn't this be changed?
  8. I've been reading everywhere lately about how much better and safer Firefox is compared to Internet Explorer. If it's such a good safe browser, why can't your tests (full tests) be done using FF 3? I had to use either IE or the IE Tab in FF to make it work. And as a sidenote, I also had to run the test without the 3D test, because the tests wouldn't complete in either FF or IE.
  9. Try this - uninstall all versions of Java. Then go to java.com and download java, which will be the latest version. See if it works.
  10. Try using CrossLoop (http://www.crossloop.com/). It's secure, doesn't require either party to reveal IP addresses, and can be shut down from either end. They also have people there who use this program to remotely help others if there is nobody here who is willing or able.
  11. http://windowssecrets.com/2008/05/22/02-XP...n-security-apps
  12. I used Revo Uninstaller for the first time yesterday, and it worked like a charm. I once had Adobe Acrobat Reader on my computer, and when I switched to Foxit I used Windows Add/Remove to uninstall Adobe. There were 3 updates that refused to go. I tried the CCleaner uninstaller too, but it did no better. Revo Uninstaller did the trick totally. One suggestion - I also use Returnil. If you do an aggressive uninstall, do it with Returnil on, and use your computer for awhile to see if anything broke. If not, go out of Returnil and do it for real.
  13. Markcynt, that's a beauty! It works great, does everything I need it to do. I just finished testing it out. I have one-click Standby, and with the use of ClickWhen, I can put the computer into Standby again after it starts - in effect, a snooze button. Add another scheduled startup a couple of hours later, and life is good! With ClickWhen, I can even put the computer into Standby a few minutes after I'm in bed. Thanks!
  14. Markcynt, this is a shortcut. No need to use system restore, just delete the shortcut. Everything works fine if I use Start/Turn off computer/Standby. What I'd like to do is make the shorcut work without messing up my alarm clock. Miykle, I used Scheduled Tasks to start Outlook Express at the time I want to get up, then put my computer into Standby when I go to bed. I have 1by1 as my mp3 player, and if it's playing when I turn the computer off, it'll pick up where it left off on restart, so when OE comes on in the morning the music starts too. If you need a more detailed answer than that, em
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