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    older socket 775 intel Quad core Q6600 4Gb win7x86 ultimate in GA-ep35-DS3P-PRO (maxes at 8Gb for X64) active cooled radeon HD 5770 1 Gb at 400Mhz Cu flower Zalman on CPU in silent mode 4 Tb diskspace on RAID data (4x2 striped) plus 2Tb system
  1. Hi, first of, it can make a difference in how you launch CMD in start.. when you type cmd in the start , you will see that an icon appears at top of start menu. you can make it start as admin, or as current user. you can all too easily make the execute window "search" in the start button dissappear when for instance, you decide to "uninstall" the indexing and search service, in win7 32bit. Once in CMD console, there is something in "attrib" type attrib /? end hit enter. one of the options, is to act on folders as well (to do what the GUI file explorer won't properl
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