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  1. nice one cb ill use the top 1.
  2. cheers for that buddy. Used2bcheesehead can go Edit: if theres a cached version of my old avatar about Id be grateful. It was created by one of the very helpful pitsters.. but i forget who
  3. Cheers again for the replies m8, I have very limited time (fly on the 17th) so ive made my choice and im sticking with it. Ive ordered the Asus X51R-AP099C. Im truly shocked at the poor battery life, especially as these chips are basically mobile core2's? anyway, its a laptop so im happy, if I get chance I might buy a couple of batteries or an extended life battery if they are avaliable cheers again cheese
  4. WOW!! These cheap celeron laptops are listed as having running times under 2 hours!!! Thats a disgrace! Is there a laptop out there, other than an eeepc which costs c£300 and is good for travel?
  5. The centrinos seem to start around the £450 mark, may have to be a celeron
  6. Dont know why i didnt think about ebuyer i used to use them all the time. Just had a look, and there are three fujitsu seemans for under £300!!! wow. Always liked FS products, and my bro has just bought an fs laptop so Id have no worries buying one of them. They are all 15.4" but I guess this is a compromise I might have to make. Any thoughts on FS laptops? Have to go now as Im just finishing work but Ill come back to this thread when I get home. Cheers for the quick reply toodangerous cheese
  7. Hello all, has been a while since I have visited the pit, nice to see its still going strong. I need some advice, I am leaving the country in approx 14days to do some travelling. I would like to purchase a brand new laptop for my travels but haven't kept up-to-date with the different technologies etc so need some advice. As its for travelling it needs to be small, preferably 13" or less but could be larger as long as it didnt weigh too much. I have been looking at the eeepc, but this seems far too limited and as Im not going to have time to tinker with it or mod it in any way I
  8. its the samsung SH-S182M.BEBN really quiet drive compared to my LG
  9. arrived yesterday, really impressed with the quality of the images but i think the contrast util is a must. for £22 im happy
  10. Ok so heres a question. Can you really see the latest 360 games, in a couple of years, fitting onto a standard dvd disk?? Ive heard talk of 4-disk games in development
  11. Hi all Ive just ordered a lightscribe dvd burner for my lounge system, never remember to label disks so this thing should be a god-send. Recently bought a brand new HP notebook and was quite dissapointed that it dodnt have a lightscribe drive (being an hp technology) so decided to buy one for my lounge pc. Just wondering what peoples experience with lightscribe has been?? does it kick up many errors? does it wear the laser any quicker?? Also, whats the best lightscribe media? Ive ordered 10 cd-rs from aria but they're abit pricey. Itll arrive in a few days, just won
  12. Re-seat the heat sink & double check your voltage settings. When you clean your PC do you take the fan off the heatsink? if you do did you deffinately put it back on the right way? (airflowing in the right direction). Other than that its a mystery. the stock heatsink should always be able to cope with the chip it was shipped with
  13. Nice system! the advice you've been given is priceless. Having the internet to hand is a must in my eyes. Just take everything slowly, and think things through before you do them. Think about wires, where are they going to route etc I can remember my first build, and now all my family members and most of my friends have a cheesehead-original! and are very happy. Good luck cheese
  14. So am I! shouldn't be long now. Aria say they've shipped the mx4000, although it hasnt arrived yet and website is still saying processing! And I sent the psu back the other day so i would say hopefully within 7-10 days I should be thinking about the pvr card. fingers crossed
  15. Check your connection settings. from internet explorer. Tools, options. Hit the connections tab Hit Lan settings make sure everything is blank
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