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  1. Ok thanks. Quick question. My computer power button and also on back of PC, is flashing a "Amber Light", so therefore my computer wont turn on. I did the paperclip trick and the Fan did turn on. Situation before: When my PC was working, It always kept showing a "Blue Screen" after a certain period of usage, and after awhile the blue screen popped up even quicker, now PC dont turn on because of flashing "Amber Light" Is this a sign of a Motherboard, or Power Supply failure???
  2. I have checked the wiring, the wiring colors are almost the same but some colors are different in certain part of the connectors. Do i have to get a PSU with the same exact color wires, or it don't matter if all the Connectors fit properly??
  3. I have a Dell Precision 390 w/ Quad Core CPU, 4gb of Ram, 1TB Hard Drive. My Power Supply failed. Which power supply can i purchase thats compatible to work on my PC? Hopefully for a reasonable price. My PC came with a 375W PSU. Please respond asap. thanks
  4. Guys, i got my PC to work now! Thanks ALL for the help and interest in helping me, really appreciate it!! I decided to fully format my PC and save all my important files, and now my PC works again after fresh reformat . Thanks again for all the help!
  5. Yes it is set to "Obtain an IP Address automatically" and its enabled. I got pics below to show the results of both PC's. From what i noticed, theres no Default Gateway for the PC that is not working. Thanks again for your help!! PC that doesn't work with Internet PC That does work! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. Yep i tryed all those, even disconnect the modem and router and make it sit for a couple minutes, then plug it back so it can reset. But I also tryed directly connecting to the cable modem, still have same results of not connecting to the internet. My router is a Linksys WRT54GS "version 5". thanks
  7. Thanks for reply. I typed in ipconfig /all 'in CMD. And this is the results i get for both Ethernet Cards. IP Address: Default Gateway: -======== IP Address: Default Gateway:
  8. I had did that already also, uninstalled and reinstalled. And installed in another card still didn't work. I was thinking reformatting? Or that wouldn't fix the solution either??
  9. Windows XP, yes I uninstalled the network drivers from the control panel. And yes the network card came with the software I installed, and it automatically detects to install itself on the PC. I find this very unusual for the PC to stop connecting to the internet, how could I go about fixing it? Thanks!
  10. About 3 days ago my PC stop connecting to the internet all of a sudden, it says "Limited or No Connectivity". I even erased my network drivers and reinstalled, also Installed a new Ethernet Card to pc, and still doesn't work. But the internet does work on my older desktop PC, so the cord is therefore not bad neither. What could be the solution to correcting this problem?? Reply asap. thanks!
  11. Right now I currently have the Logitech Z-5300e 5.1 . I want to upgrade my PC Speakers for music, but there isn't much of a selection that I see. Are the Klipsch Promedia 2.1s much better than my speakers on music?? Or is it better off getting the Logitech Z-5500? I need something thats sharp and crisp that plays low bass without distorting. What would you guys recommend? I have an Audigy 2 soundcard. Thanks ,
  12. Is there a way for me to find out if I have a wireless card in my PC? I just bought a new Dell Dimension E521. Thanks a lot for the reply
  13. What is the best Wireless Desktop Router to purchase? I currently have a Wireless Router for my Laptop, but would that work for my Desktop PC?? The most I would want to spend is $80. P.S: Do I need a Wireless Desktop Card? Because I checked on Bestbuy and I see them selling Wireless Desktop cards. I wonder is that what I need instead of a router? Any help is appreciated, thanks a lot!
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