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  1. Will simply turning off the AV do to install SP 3?
  2. Hello all ! I've just put together all the parts I bought almost three years ago and the new build is running-- I installed XP Pro with SP2 and wondered about installing SP3 since I see so many people seem to have had trouble with it, but came to the conclusion I'm going to need SP3 if I am going to keep XP Pro as long as I have been running Win 98 The computer notified me of three updates available, and I know absolutely nothing about XP or any of the . NET issues people seem to be having. So in reading this post, my question is : turn off everything in system config ----how would I do that and what would it include, Xp is fresh, and the only program I have installed so far is C A Anti Virus. I have the windows firewall turned off and the Nvidia firewall turned on. Any tips or advice you can offer would be helpful. THANKS !!
  3. Only have a little cash, and low on patience for building my own again, which of three would you folks consider the best buy for someone that is not into gaming, and main interest is music, movies, and chatting with family? 249.00 Wintergreen Celeron D 3.2 GHZ total capable memory 2.0 G Linspire OS 40G HD integrated video memory 399.00 Emachine Athlon 64 2.0 GHZ total capable memory 4 G Win XP 160G HD 128 shared vid mem 379.00 Emachine Sempron 2.0 GHZ total capable memory 2 G Win XP 80 G HD GE Force 4 MX I can upgrade any of these as I go along, but am wondering which is the best base to start out with for now. Opinions are much appreciated, THANKS, Debbie
  4. A late Thanks much!! to you both--has been a busy few days--but wanted to say thanks for your help!!
  5. I am pretty sure I remember an AGP slot in there but will have to check and make sure. LOL I figured my system (and my wallet) is outdated as things go so looked for a card accordingly !! Just about anything will upgrade my integrated video, have some DirectX issues with what I have. OK, dont giggle too much folks, but any recommendations on a card (AGP) under 50 bucks?? Thanks again for the help !! Debbie
  6. LOL I hit the enter key instead of my space bar and submitted it without finishing it !!! Id LOVE help :-) Thanks !!
  7. Hi There! I think I would like to try adding this card to my system: Leadtek A180 BT GeForce MX4000 / 128MB DDR / AGP 8x/4x / Composite / VGA / TV-Out / Video Card but I dont know if my system will support it--here is a link to a current pit stop test: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=9MY7NW7CNNMSQM1U Think I can make it work??? Thanks for your time taking a look !! Debbie
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