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  1. Thanks All. LOL Am sure you will be hearing from me again !!
  2. I didnt consider the PSU I guess for the most part because all lights and fans were running, but if I have trouble I will certaintly check that possibility out. And Hmmmmm yeah guess I ought to change that battery right off the start...... Thanks,,, Should I start with a new hard drive or just reformat?
  3. Hi Folks ! Am about to start again on a computer I started putting together almost two years ago and had to shelve for a while. I put it together, loaded Win XP Pro, and a day or so later when I started it up I got no video signal. Evidence pointed to the motherboard which at that time I RMA'd deciding that the video slot shorted out. The MB is an Asus A8N SLI series,Video card is an XFX NVIDIA GeForce 6800 XT 256MB DDR3 So 16 months later I am about to put it together again and here are my questions: I remember trying another NVidia card, then trying an ATI card . both without
  4. Thanks, everyone.... This is for a new system I am just putting together so I cant post a test. I am putting together an ASUS A8N SLI with an Athlon 64 X2 I just want the cleanest install of the op sys possible with my limited knowledge of driver installation. Thanks Everyone !
  5. Will an OEM version automatically load drivers for the computer manufacturer's components? I think that was where I ran into trouble before. Also, am I better to go with Home or Pro, I was leaning toward Pro, I only do a little general tweaking, mostly use the computer for correspondance and reference, not big into gaming, but do want to do some light graphics, burn DVD's and CD's. Just a very general use computer. Thanks for helping me out, Debbie
  6. Hi Folks I am about to make the purchase of the new op sys and my own gut feeling is that I should purchase the retail version of Win XP, mostly due to a bad experiance with an OEM install of Win 98 my last home build. I dont know if that was due to my inexperiance at installation or the various mfg drivers colliding apon install to this day. My question is, am I better off to buy the retail version of Win XP, (and should I get home or Pro, with or without service packs) or the OEM version. I seem to have some level of difficulty deciding which drivers go where and to what to ins
  7. OK I shall leave them be !!! LOL I use CleanUp regularly its a great program, and it leaves them alone consistantly. THANKS ALL !!!!
  8. Hello All !! Win 98 system, located in C/Windows/Installer are about 20 files between 1 and 7 mb --looking at the properties of them all, some are even duplicate files. I take it these are the original installation files of some of the programs I have installed. Is it safe to delete them? They all have the .msi extention. THANKS!!! Debbie
  9. Tweak UI has an easy to use application in it to do that with, seems a lot easier to me than some of the other options so far, unless I am understanding something wrong...... (adding the file association)
  10. THAT was my problem Many Thanks !!!!!!!
  11. Thanks, Merlin, I think I see the problem-- I do have ASPIChecker in the system and it had been reporting "fully installed and operational" but where Im looking on the page you directed me to, apparently there are FOUR drivers that SHOULD be there and i seem to have only two. I DONT KNOW WHY, but the two I have are APIX.VXD and WNASPI32.DLL, both v 4.71.2 Apparently I am missing aspienum.vxd and winaspi.dll -- I see them listed in the adaptec folder but for some reason they didnt install. On this page it says you can use ForceASPI on Win98 so I will go ahead and download and see what happ
  12. Thanks Merlin, I am going to check it out but Im noticing it seems to be for Win XP or 2000 and Im running Win98--will check out the site though and see whats what :-)
  13. sorry its so long between posts-have been working through what life throws in the way--- When I try to install the firmware I get the error message "NOT FOUND ASPI MANAGER" Windows is supplying a default driver , the drive is correctly listed by name in Device Manager and it will read a CD, the problem is that it is not being recognized as a CDRW DVD drive by my burning software ......
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