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  1. Happy Birthday, and Happy New year! Sorry I was late for the birthday....but have one of these on me.......
  2. Open a trouble ticket here https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ they should be able to get it sorted out for you.
  3. I want to wish everyone here the merriest of Christmas. Wow, it sure is quiet in here.
  4. Hey Tex, just saw this. Hope ya had a good one! And stop drinkin' all my beer.....
  5. I just don't know what to say. This is just so sad.
  6. Oh my, I just saw this. Such sad news.
  7. I don't remember, but I think this may have been posted before. If it was, it's worth a second go around.......
  8. Out to lunch

  9. It took a while, but I finally found the fix. Just in case anyone else has this problem, read this.... http://forum.zonelabs.org/zonelabs/board/m...message.id=5708 Thanks RobPet :beer: :beer:
  10. I am not familiar with it, but saw this in the link I posted: WARNING!!! File ICQLite.exe is related to spyware. Your system is under security threat. We advice you to scan your computer and eliminate possible threats.
  11. You may want to read this Also stop: C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\ypager.exe from running when you test.
  12. Typically the majority of junk is in the temp files.
  13. Not sure if this will accomplish anything, but here is a place you can go for drivers. Driver
  14. Do as x5dr suggests, dump the drivers and reboot.
  15. You need to defrag and get rid of some of those junk files too..... Junk files 375 MB (0%) Data fragmentation 29% File fragmentation 4%
  16. Anyone know what code 39 is in the hardware section, it only goes to code 33
  17. Thats it! While I'm searching, in my signature is a link to Ad-aware. Download it, check for up dates, and run it. Get rid of all it finds. Also, do the same with Spybot but only fix what is pre-checked.
  18. Could you post a pit test? Then I'll see if I can find a link for you to update your driver. :beer:
  19. Open my computer, right click on C drive, click on properties, go to hardware tab, click on your drive you want, click properties, driver tab, then update driver. It may be best if you go to the mfg site and get the driver there.
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