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  1. Happy Birthday, and Happy New year! Sorry I was late for the birthday....but have one of these on me.......
  2. Open a trouble ticket here https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ they should be able to get it sorted out for you.
  3. I want to wish everyone here the merriest of Christmas. Wow, it sure is quiet in here.
  4. Hey Tex, just saw this. Hope ya had a good one! And stop drinkin' all my beer.....
  5. I just don't know what to say. This is just so sad.
  6. Oh my, I just saw this. Such sad news.
  7. I don't remember, but I think this may have been posted before. If it was, it's worth a second go around.......
  8. +2 I'm just a member as you are and thought I would add to this. I also have had it on 5 PC's for several years, not that I can't do most of what it does myself, but more out of convenience due to the time it saves me with that many devices. I have recently added more PC's to what I had, and with that I have opted to increase my license to cover up to 10 PC's. I've been more than happy with the results for not only what it does, but also the time it saves me.
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