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  1. You Know what y'all have each other Ok this Bull I stating a fact and the mods got all Bent about it fine this place had gone all to hell. I remember first being here there was no problems and now you can't even fart without being executed. Like i said sorry Im leaving Its going to be hard but I think i can do it. I've allready deleted the hotlink to this place and now Im on my way to the profile to clear that out. All my friends here that i care about so much Love ya. Maybe when the admin wake up and really see what there doing then maybe I'll be back. Untill then Peace. Bear you know where to find me if you want to talk about this. Best Bud Bear.
  2. Still it bothers me. I can't sleep and its 4:16AM here. It a thing of whather what can i do to fix it. Ohh and No Mercy My server had Kazaa Lite and i forgot it was in there and also some program cracks. So i Deleted everything and Put on there and im still working on it
  3. It just seems like there is always something i do that bugs people. Like my server for example. I made a mistake about one folder and everyone that i see are talking about it like as if i was a "bad person" for being human. What hert me the most is the true only someone yelled at me today about the server. So because i was at school and could not answer their Pm quick enough This person Move the posts Plus reported this to my ISP and My ISP Called me and told me they care aless what i did aslong as i pay the bill. I really think its crappy that News gets around that quick here even when its really not their business.
  4. Do you as in everyone have something againced me? If so what did i do to you?
  5. well this talk is going no where so Might as well LOCK it
  6. try it won't work i've tested it on remote Computers and my server is uncrackable that i know of.
  7. I did not post tho's links If i did then yeah you have all right but no you snoped tho my server and found the Installers folder i did not tell you to do that. you did that on your own. you know what Im DONE.......
  8. yeah im dropping it O'well i cleaned out the whole server
  9. Im just showing people that he sent me a pm saying that My personal server which i forgot to password protect has software on it that he dose not like. I didn't do anything wrong
  10. He sent me a PM. He's mad at me It was a simple mistake and he's taking my head off.
  11. I fixed it the installers folder was for my use only. Like my Music folder its password protected
  12. WHY are my Posts moved to a place where i cant see them
  13. Okay?..... Now I know I dislike warm beer.
  15. how about Me and my hosting of 180GIGS +
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