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  1. Well I don't really know. Does your system freeze at all. Mine worked fine then would totally freeze. It would not reset nor Ctrl+Alt+Del would work, I had to unplug it and leave it to rest for a while, then maybe after a while it would happen again. And it progressivly got worse over about two months, then one day it would not even bootup. Wizzkid
  2. Hi, I had a similar problem a while back, after a while my machine packed in....apperently it was the read/write arm swinging and hitting the hard drive casing. Wizzkid
  3. Hi, Try here: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...&NoWebContent=1 wizzkid
  4. Hi all, I recently (yesterday) had a similar problem, being unable to connect to google, still am unable as far as I am aware. Ran Ad-Aware - nothing, ran Spy-bot - Approx eight hi-jacks, and something called slaw search and one called DSO Exploit, don't know what that is. But at the time I was unable to connect at all, but I could read/send mail. I am now able to connect to the internet now, one of my advanced LAN settings had mysteriously been changed. But still can't connect to google, my home page also. Wizzkid
  5. Hi, Same as thehulk18, except in click start -> Run -> in the text box type dxdiag then click on the sound tab, you will then be able to run a diagnostic that way also. Wizzkid
  6. Hi, Right click a emty space on your tool bar, say next to help or along there. Select address bar. Make sure lock the tool bars is clicked also. Wizzkid
  7. Hi, Fatal exception error messages are codes that are returned by a program in the following situations: If access to an illegal instruction has been encountered If invalid data or code has been accessed If the privilege level of an operation is invalid When any of these situations occur, the processor returns an exception to the operating system, which in turn is handled as a fatal exception error message. In many situations, the exception is non-recoverable and you must either shut down or restart the computer, depending on the severity of the error. A Fatal Exception 0E is a Page Fault interrupt and typically occurs when the operating system tries to access virtual memory on a demand-paged basis and that "page" is missing or damaged. This problem can be caused by a million & one things, the problems I have come accross, have all been driver problems.... What is the full error message. Are there any other letters & numbers, ( VMM, VXD, ect.) What Operating System are you using? Have you installed any new hardware or software recently Wizzkid
  8. Hi, I have had a similar problem with a file, unable to delete, rename or move. The folder the file was in only had a few other files in it, so I made a new folder and moved those files into it, and deleted the folder with the guilty file in it. Wizzkid
  9. Hi, I could not tell you how long it takes to do a entire erase-full CD, but that should take a while I presume, it takes me about a minute to do a quick erase-full CD. I use nero for that. Wizzkid
  10. Hi folk, I have just run a pitstop test and my Bandwidth Down is 264 Kbits/sec and Bandwidth Up 58 Kbits/sec. Do you think that is O.K. As far as speed is concernd I don't know much about it. Wizzkid
  11. Hi, A dial-up connection? 56K modem, or am I wrong. I have heard that a connection via a phone line will only ever get as high as 48bs and that would be a miricle, as a telephone line will only go up to 49bs. I could be wrong. Or maybe your phone line is old and not a fibre optic thing, this may slow you down. May have misunderstood that bit, prob. half asleep. Wizzkid.
  12. Hi, Fujitsu not very reliable as I have been informed. I had the same problem as you exactly. Harddrive had gone that also was Fujitsu, it was only 12mths old. one day light clunking, shut it off let it cool, then it would be O.K. Then one day it started making the noise, shut it down, would not start-up again. Had the haddrive examined, the moving arm inside the sealed unit of the harddrive was swinging and hitting the side. Wizzkid
  13. Hi, Yep your right, I did miss your post radio. Don't know how, half asleep I suppose. Paulbullivant if you want to get rid of surfury from your registry. Click start->run->in the text box type regedit->click edit on the menu bar->find, then enter surfairy. Your registry will be scanned and surfairy will be found. Hopefully, right click on it and select delete. Back-up registry first though Wizzkid
  14. Hi, Are you able to use the printer at all? is it only web-page you are unable to print from? Let me know it bugging me now, I want to look into this. Will have a look around, then get back to you in the morning, time for bed, up early for work. :beer: wizzkid
  15. Hi again, Have you ran a spy-ware/ad-aware prog, that shooooooooooooould to the trick. Wizzkid
  16. Hi guys, This is something I got off the web about that surfairy thing: Surfairy is an error-page hijacker implemented as an Internet Explorer Browser Helper Object. When a domain name or 404 error is encountered, it redirects to a page specified by its controlling server www.divago.com. Divago are now believed to be defunct, as this page is now itself an error page. Variants Surfairy/Hlp was the original version; Surfairy/PP is an update with different filename and class ID. Distribution Bundled with new Packard Bell computers in Europe. What it does Advertising No. Privacy violation No. Security issues None known. Stability problems Yes. Causes IE6 Service Pack 1 to be unable to print any page. Removal There should be an entry in the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs option to remove Surfairy. Manual removal Open a DOS command prompt window (from Start->Programs->Accessories) and enter the following commands (for the Hlp variant): cd "%WinDir%\System" regsvr32 /u "\Program Files\Surfairy\SurfairyHelp.dll" Or, for the PP variant: cd "%WinDir%\System" regsvr32 /u "\Program Files\Surfairy\SurfairyPP.dll" After restarting the computer you should be able to delete the Surfairy folder inside Program Files. You can also delete the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Surfairy in the registry (Start->Run->regedit) to clean up if you like. Goo luck I will have a more detailed look about it. wizzkid
  17. Hi, Give this place a look, you never know you may find somethin: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...t%2fprintts.asp Or http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...fblankprint.asp Wizzkid
  18. O.K, thank you pleople, all this information you have provided me with is excellent, just what I wanted to know and more.
  19. :help: I am posting this message for a friend of mine. The thing is neither he nor me know how to split a movie file between two disks. As the whole movie will not fit on one cd, we do not know how to burn part of the file then change to another disk and burn the rest. Is this possible or will other software be needed. His burning software is nero. Thanks people, Wizzkid.
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