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  1. As I said, I did a new partition on the same system. If it were the motherboard or one of its component, I'd get the same problem with a new install or an old one. The old installation is fubared when it comes to the sound drivers, or some obscure stuff that is impossible to find, that is breaking the sound system. Usually for mundane problems like that the troubleshooting wizards do a good job, but there's something very wrong going on and the wizard can't "reset" whatever it is that is stopping sound from working correctly. Ultimately, I think the only thing I could do to fix the p
  2. I've also tried that. Normal drivers uninstall then reboot and also after uninstalling and driver cleaner sweep. The cleaner removed leftover stuff but the end result was the same. Windows asked for the normal drivers of the device (audio chipset and/or XtremeGamer card) but that "ghost" audio remained there. I did reinstall windows 7 on a new partition but I've kept the old install just in case I'd find a real solution to this problem...
  3. Yeah. I did try that. Either by using right-clicking or from the device's installed software or windows's configuration panel of that device.
  4. @Jacee I repaired several times with the same result. @mouse The first time I booted Win 7 the XtremeGamer wasn't installed. I only installed it after seeing the sound problem. I thought the onboard sound had some issue. I tried with either enabled/installed with no change. @Joe C That's my thinking too. But no matter if I uninstall the audio drivers, the issue comes back as soon as I boot Win 7 up. The installed "sound board" whichever is enabled and driver-less, is reinstalled automatically (even when I specifically told windows not to), and thus the problem comes back.
  5. Sounds like a monitor issue. If it's possible you should check if you get the same behavior with a different monitor.
  6. Alright Guys and Gals! I've been repairing PCs for longer than I care to tell but this one has me stumped. Odds are I could fix it in less than an hour with a Windows 7 reinstall but that's against my religion. I don't think formatting/reinstallation is a cure for anything except laziness. Besides, what if it happens again? So, here's the meat of the problem. Last week I bought new parts for my new build. These are: Asus Sabertooth P67 B3 (new revision Sandy Bridge) Intel i7 2600k @ 3.4 GHz 16 GB G.Skill DDR3 I got those 2 days ago, installed them, updated dri
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