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  1. thanks Farmgirl. BTW..are there any more at home that look like you ?!
  2. AX is Ad-aware better than Spybot? or am i thinking of 2 different things here. I have Spybot loaded here now. Thanks
  3. Thanks for all the links and info about building my own. If I buy a factory built I will spend 700 - 800 dolllars, so I figure that much spent if I can do it myself, I should have a pretty decent machine.
  4. wow Ok folks thanks for the input. For those that care, the total so far is 24 for Build your own....9 for Dell...and the others got a vote each. OK OK I want to build my own....is there a site that will tell me what each thing is I need and will walk me through the process of putting it together? :help:
  5. which brand is your favorite?
  6. My heartfelt condolences to the families of the flight crew. They appear to have perished in the ongoing attempt tp push MAN further into space. They are/were Explorers, no matter how you look at it. LONG STAND THE USA
  7. Would I seem TOO ignorant if I asked, what in blazes is Linux? And if so, its because I am. Is Linux an alternative to Windows and can both Linux and Windows be on same computer? If so, where do I get in line to get Linux? Thanks and PEACE
  8. Thank you Jacee. and I was SO hoping it WAS your Webpage. Thanks for the link. WC
  9. Thanks for the Link d5! But she only does school work. I have adventures to live, and places to see, and a SUPER forum I must keep up with !!! Oh....I see your point now WC ::::above typed tongue in cheek::::
  10. Hey Guru and AX....my mind must have been elsewhere when I said Mobo for her's. I meant a larger hard drive, not mobo. and more ram too. Yep...musta been thinkin about Daytona coming up soon. If I go with upgrading hers rather getting a new one for me, we will do a complete restore and add on Spybot or something to help keep it clean. I am still not certain which I will do yet. I appreciate the input you guys have given. WC
  11. Thank you Jack...x5..and King. She already has xp home edition on it. I will look into some mobo prices. and some more ram would still be cheaper than new computer.
  12. ok Thanks I will see how that affects everything.
  13. Hammer..any suggestions on how I can get rid of a virus? or Trojan whichever. It is psw.spynow I have run every online scan site I can find and that has been sent to me on the forum. I run AVG and it doesnt find anything during the scan...only periodically does it pop up and say the PSW.SpyNow is there. Maybe this will give you something challenging to do.
  14. My daughter's computer at school is an Emachine ( I know I know ) 566i with 192 megs of ram and 7.5 gig hard drive. I was thinking of buying another computer and letting her take this one. An EMachine T1840 with 384 megs of ram and 40 gig hard drive. I then thought that another hard drive for hers might be the best way to go. She just wants more storage area. Any suggestions?
  15. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...QG4VWBH3XPSZDWD
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