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  1. At #464 now, I noticed we have already passed about 5 or 6 Universities in the last 100 to 150 places we gained.
  2. No one is probably checking this old thread, but I checked and mine is 7.70 Megs. Why is mine so much larger that others?
  3. My User Stats are still showing No date of last work done and Zero for number of processing Units. My Queue only shows the unit I am working now. All the Queue's in past are blank. I think I am getting credit for it. It shows up on the Team Stats anywho.
  4. I tried downloading the Microscope by clicking the bananas at the page that was linked. Nothing happened. How can I get the program to download?
  5. Yup, I know. 745 is a LONG way from #1. What I meant, but did not say with clarity was, we are on the way to #1.
  6. Team is at #745 as of 11:30 EST. Thats 11 places since 9:15. Seems like a pretty good pace to me. As John lennon once asked the others in the Beatles...."who's number 1 boys?......in unison...."WE ARE!"
  7. We are #756 as of 9:15 pm est todays date. The graph indicating The Pit Teams future work shows us blowing the 4 teams on each side of us, out of the ball park.
  8. Never Say Never Again, was a Bond Flic.
  9. The unit I am processing is now at 86% and has been working for almost 24 hours. Is this normal, or does my machine take a break when I go to sleep? It processes in the background 24/7.
  10. Yikes! I thought my 55 data units and 1019 hours computer time was a lot! You folks have me drilled to the floor.
  11. For what it is worth, and as most of you can tell by the questions I ask, I am by no means a computer expert. I found this site and found that tremendous help was available here. Since I can help very little with the questions posted here, I don't post much on any topic. I HAVE found that in the General Forum, anyone can read and post to some of the great threads and topics started. I too, have found myself, as Rev-Roy stated, typing a reply on a thread and then deleting it. I think it is better to say nothing, than to say something hurtful in anyway. That is the way I was raised and the way I feel about people. I certainly hope the Admins can find a way to keep the PIT going. The PIT Forum is to some of us, the only computer help we have. So I say to look at the posts for fun...but walk away before being hurtful. Long live the PIT, the Mods, and the super people posting here. PEACE
  12. http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_abc.htm Try this link out, if you don't have recycle bin fixed yet. It on the R page under Recycle bin repair. Same thing happened to me a while back.
  13. I changed from Nortons, To AVG It works great, and its also FREE !!!
  14. I know we have some Great Brits and some Cool Canadians posting...I was wondering what other, if any, countries are represented at the Pitstop. I am In Winston Salem, NC USA This is about the best forum and group of folks I have run across online in my 6 years online. PEACE to you all. WC http://winstonsalemnc.areaguides.net/
  15. I just now downloaded the Spyware Blocker, so if I dissappear(sp) from the Forum, You will know to NOT download it!
  16. You really have to hand it to Dave and the rest of the Staff here. I know there are only a few select reasons a person can be removed from a "public" site. The patience the Staff has shown here in regard to some of the comments made about the site itself, AND some other topics, is of Biblical proportion. PCPitstop :rocks:
  17. Do I understand correctly that Norton Ghost is a good way to do a backup?
  18. Thank you Proteus and Hammer. I have both 7.0 and 8.0 loaded. I have some proggies that only work with 7 or 8. I am process of clearing that up too. Neither version is working right. Hammer, I have been running Spybot, but didnt delete anything that wasnt in red. Maybe I did do something there, its worth me checking it. Thanks again to you both.
  19. Volt... I meant to thank you for the positive reply I referred to above us. I typed Radio instead of Volt.....sorry I am sure Radio would have said something similar. I will continue looking for an amswer here. Thanks. Jacee.... I agree. When all else fails....call the Tech. I will do so tomorrow. Thanks for the reply.
  20. For the positive replies, I thank you. ( Radio ) I have been using AOL for about 5 years now, just starting Road Runner a year or so ago. I guess its what you get used to. The free months was a bonus, because I would have kept AOL anywho. I asked the question here because I thought maybe someone surfing the boards might have had this problem, and had the solution. I guess I will have to think any future questions through a bit more thorough before asking here. Thanks to all those that responded.
  21. Oh, I use Road Runner almost all of the time myself. A FEW things are easier on AOL and it only costs 7.95/month.
  22. Since early this afternoon when I sign onto AOL, I get an error message. It lets me stay online but doesnt show buddy list. The error message says "AOL has detected an error with your connection to the internet. Please exit AOL software, Reboot the system, and sign in again." I have never seen this error before. I have checked my connections and everything is set as it should be. Or so it seems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Thanks for the Advice to you both
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