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  1. From a "novice's" perspective...the fact that the info can only be seen by me, if I understand it correctly, makes it a novelty and cool. But how do I know that it didnt log that info about me and send it to someone for a price? Many cool things have masked a more sinister deed.
  2. I have version 4.5.538.001 Is that the same one you think, HUGED1? ZA first sets-up in what it calls a "learning mode". you have to tell it what to allow or dis-allow for internet connection. After it knows the ones you want to allow to connect to......it's like the great Ronco Steam Kettle......you just set it......and forget it! ZA has done great by me.
  3. There are other sites on the web for computer help and great chuckles dispensed by great people?
  4. I ordered the disk and for a contact phone number, I put in the one for Linux International.
  5. They get me every time, always at 42nd & Vine. Angela...avoid 42nd Street and Vine. it is getting expensice for you.
  6. Yeah, Next year's show will be produced, directed, written, and starred in by the Osmonds.
  7. Ax.....was that the guy that did a version of the Anthem in a Hendrix-like way? I thought that was so cool.
  8. California got a 2nd race date from NASCAR. THAT'S IT !!! Don't work too hard AX. PEACE
  9. This doesn't help Slick's computer, but I think you guys are so special for sticking with something and trying to get her computer back up and online. PEACE to you all.
  10. For resources used and functionality, AVG IS an upgrade from both Norton's and Mcafee. Best price around.
  11. A small town all volunteer fire department was racing to help fight an oil storage farm fire. The fire had beat back all the other departments there. The ones that were manned by professional fire fighters included. All anyone could do was stand back and let the fire burn itself out. At that time the small volunteer department got there.....flew down the road past the road blocks and rolled up right next to the roaring fire. The Men jumped off the truck and begain fighting the fire with all their might and abilities. The other fire fighters were so motivated by the small departments actions, that they all ran back and started fighting the fire again. The fire was soon out and everyone heading home. The owners of the storage facility were so impressed, that they went up to the Chief of the small vlunteer department and told him they would give his department $10,000 for saving their facility. They then asked the first thing he would do with the money, and without hesitating he answered..."Get the brakes fixed on that :censored: :censored: Firetruck!"
  12. I hope the troops checked out the spider hole across the hall. Osama might be having breakfast in bed there.
  13. Since I seem to be the most prolific "thread killer" in the PIT....this post should put a quick end to it. Edited for spelling.
  14. All you can ask from any individual, be it a member, Mod, or an Admin, is that they be FAIR. From what I have seen here, AX, has been fair to all. I have never noticed him on a "power trip" or picking on any individual. If some members get so worked up that they actually threaten a person AND HIS FAMILY......there are other sites you need to visit more than the PIT. That takes a very unusual person to threaten a man's family. Be the Mod a laid-back moderator, or one that moderates with an iron fist.......as long as they are fair in their actions, you KNOW what to expect from them. Follow the rules and the let Admin and the Mods do what they have been picked to do.
  15. There is NO way that Ax could be any of the things quoted in the prior posts. The man Loves NASCAR!!!! What more can a person want?
  16. Free enterprise gets a good jump start everytime someone sees a better way, or a way that fits our own particular usages of a product. I think the fact that you wrote this proggie and are tweaking it as you go, is just too cool! Great luck with the finished product, and keep us posted as to when its available. BTW....It downloaded, unzipped with WinZip, and installed perfectly for me. P.S. Maybe you could, at some point in time, make some NASCAR logos to go all around the edges of it. P.S.S. I was joking about the logos.
  17. My personal feeling about this thread, is that, most people have an inane desire to feel wanted, loved, missed, appreciated, etc...etc. When a group of people, as in, the PIT posters, send small thanks, congratulations, condolences, etc...etc... to us, it makes us feel some of the afore mentioned feelings. This is a great bunch of folks here, even though, I feel I know you more than you know me ( Note my post count ). I guess what I am trying to say is, most people get some satisfaction out of something as small as their very existence being recognized by others. To know that, in my passing, someone from the PIT actually knew that I had been here, and posted on these same boards, would be a somewhat comforting thought to me. Call me crazy...call me whatever...but that is the way I see it. Regards and PEACE to all the PIT posters....and a special prayer for all those that have already moved on to that great PIT in the sky.
  18. I think it was Bruce who had the Gator Hater avatar. The one of the gator's eyes sticking up over a wall. That was too cool.
  19. To both Ian's and Lorrie's list, I would add Foreigner, then adopt as MY list.
  20. Eons ago, when my son was 8 years old, I overheard him talking to someone in the bathroom. I asked him after he came out who he was talking to. He said he had been talking to Paw Paw. My Dad is Paw Paw, and he had passed away 5 years earlier. I asked my son if he was sure who it was. He assured me it was Paw Paw. He even described my Dad's favorite shirt he was wearing. I asked him why he wasnt scared to see my Dad......He told me it was just Paw Paw and he wasnt scared of him. I almost cried on the spot.
  21. We are at 399 as of right now. I have 73 pointer that will go in the wee hours tomorrow. That should kick us another 4 spots according to the standings as of now.
  22. I ran both the Shields and Port probe test with ZoneAlarm on and of course they found nothing. Computer doesnt even exist. I wanted to see what it said without ZoneAlarm on so I ran both tests again. I'll be jumped up.....It gave me the same info. In Full Stealth Mode. Could that be because I had already DL UnplugNPray and it was working also?
  23. Thanks, Radio. This next 73 points should put me into the top 36 of Pitstop folders.
  24. I had heard of some large WU's, but this little 1730mhz is gonna scream at me on this one.
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