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  1. http://www.grisoft.com/us/us_index.php I have used this one for a couple of years now, with absolutely no problems. And, you cant beat the price.
  2. Jed Bartlet with Clint Eastwood as runnin mate. If Arnold can be Guvnah, then Clint can be a Vice Prez.
  3. Hey Ax! You're great with Pics and icons and avatars. Can you remove the thing closest to the camera so we can see Jazzy?!? Have fun you two. Glad the trip was uneventful Jazzy.
  4. Dave... I for one would be glad to pay a little something each month for the advice I get here. I think a buck or two a month from each would go a long way in beefing up the server and/or other frills and bells and whistles. I think there is a place already to make donations, but donations are not regular nor routine in amount. A small monthy fee would allow for cash flow and planning on Management's part. Just a thought.
  5. Remembering that some of us only understand a small part of the computer sitting directly in front of us......Is it very cost prohibitive to have your own server? Would it be overkill to have a server with just one forum on it? Thanks...just curious PEACE WC
  6. If the PIT tests are set to let you know what is running in the background..........I, for one, post tests to see what I do not need to have running all the time. Will this new data base have any affect on we stoopies? Will we still be able to find out what we can do without? Thanks, all Oh, Dave......at one time my computer always hung up at the broadband test I think it was. You said it was more than likely the ZA firewall. Since you have changed the tests, I now can leave ZA running whilst doing the tests. Thanks for that !!
  7. The link that Blue provided shows only info for Windows NT and earlier versions. I was looking at it because my recycle bin often doesnt show the files in there. I still have no clue why. I can go to an earlier system restore point, and it usually brings the bin back.
  8. Ponder this.....The government says that companies lose billions of dollars each year to smoke-related illnesses. Why has there not been a program supported by the government that would make it easier for us smokers to stop smoking? Supply some of the stop smoking remedies....subsidise treatment that curtails smoking..... anything that is suppose to help a person stop smoking. I bet they have spent enough researching it and getting the word out, to have helped many stop.
  9. I enlisted in the USAF in 1966. I was almost certain to be drafted, so I decided to choose the branch of service I preferred. Those that remember those times, will remember that all was not well at home for soldiers. ....ie.....the anti-war protesting. While I ws in basic training in Texas, I received my draft notice. Whewwww
  10. If he didn't do it on purpose as he has stated...I just can't figure out how he accidently did it. Either way.....shame shame shame
  11. If you have ever seen a ceiling with the so-called "popcorn" on it...that is what I do. I take the popcorn out of the popper after it gets very hot, and glue it to the ceiling. Butter is optional. For those of you that do not know what a popcorn ceiling is......sorry, I don't know how to post a pic of it here.
  12. Maybe it's because I should be in bed now, or I am just too stoopie to see it.......but what IS the difference between these two?
  13. Anyone remember a fellow named Lt Wiliam Calley? He and his platoon did a "zippo" raid on a village called My Lai, in SEA in 1968. A zippo raid, for those that do not know, is to burn the entire place to the ground. In addition to burning the village, the platoon killed many of the its citizens. Women, children, old men...whatever. Those responsible for this atrocity, were tried and convicted. I don't remember what the sentences handed down were, but I do know that ex-Lt Calley now runs a jewelery store in Georgia. His military carreer ended with his sentencing. To the many good soldiers s
  14. Hang Tough, my PIT "brother".
  15. Volt, If you have any outside obligations that can be accomplished from a computer terminal other than yours, I would gladly do anything I can to help you in this time of sadness.
  16. Volt.....even though you and I are not on a first name basis, I feel that we are close enough, via the PIT family, that I feel a part of your loss. No one can feel that type of loss until it happens to us. My most heart felt condolences to you and your family. Be strong and know that your PIT family is here for you.
  17. Its called Learn from Earlier Mistakes. Ronbo, I didnt mean to, or intend to, correct the number used. It's just a number that is imbedded in my mind, and will probably be there the day I "sign off" to that great PIT in the sky.
  18. I read somewhere that the Veterans Admimistration estimated that the original figure of 58,000 plus that died in SEA, would double when all the associated deaths were counted. so sad.
  19. I used to think it was our place...our, meaning the USofA......to keep all the countries on this planet from blowing us all into oblivion. The more I think about it, the more I seem to think that we "shove" ourselves into other countries problems way too often. I guess there are some good reasons for going elsewhere as The World Police. But mainly, maybe we should just stand back, be sure our borders are protected, and solve some local problems that are more dear to my heart. i.e. housing for the homeless, food for the hungry, heat for the cold, medical care for the sick....the list goes
  20. I started with Pccillin and then Nortons and then McAfee and then AVG. Still with AVG.
  21. Winston Salem, NC Also called, Cigarette City. I dunno why. I just noticed my post count. 445 !!!! wow
  22. Thanks, Bloke. I don't think my daughters could exist without AIM.
  23. I just found out that I have downloaded Wild Tangent as a part of Road Runner. I don't know when, nor how...but it is there. Maybe Road Runner thinks it is a good thing? LOL
  24. From a "novice's" perspective...the fact that the info can only be seen by me, if I understand it correctly, makes it a novelty and cool. But how do I know that it didnt log that info about me and send it to someone for a price? Many cool things have masked a more sinister deed.
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