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  1. My first thought when I saw that GD had been shut down, was that the owners were going for a, purely pc technical site. My second thought, was that the post counts would drop dramatically with no GD. Having come back a day later and re-read this thread...my 3rd thought is that my 2nd thought was wrong.
  2. Prime Minister Blair to address the public at 10:15 AM EST.
  3. I agree with kd5. I don't think I should have to get a new toolbar, just to get a good pop-up blocker. So far, The PanicWare blocker seems the best. I am still trying the other suggestions. Thanks again to all. Will
  4. ONE little opinion, and you decide you won't marry me now. I am SO crushed, Ian!
  5. I have just downloaded the BOINC program, and I know they did not ask me what I thought about it....but if they were to ask me, I would have to say....it Sucks Bigly. I never got the new version to load correctly. IF it was loaded right, iIcount not tell it. Nothing looked the same as it did with the old version. Each time I need to get a new work unit, I have to sign on using my password and email address? Am I doing something wrong here. I really want to continue my search for Capt Picard and Data, and the crew. If I can not get Boinc going ok, I might as well fold some. Suggesti
  6. Thank you one and all. I did indeed find the Google Toobar (Its looks the same at left side, the one I always look at, but does have GOOGLE on right side) I have noted all these suggetsions, and will try those also. Thank you all for your help. PEACE Will
  7. Thank you, Firekracker and Intel. I downloaded the Google toolbar and chose the Disable Advanced feature. This is the option that would send NO information to Google about surfing habits. The toobar appeared no where on screen, so I went back to Google and chose the Enable Advanced feature. ( his feauture sends anonymous info back to Google). Again, no tool bar appears on my screen. I clicked on open, not save, when it asked. Any idea what I did ? Intel....gonna give Panicware a shot next. Thanks
  8. I did a Forum search on this topic, and found only one reference. An arguement about which is the better browser. I have been trying one called appropriately enough....Pop Up Stopper. I am not very impressed with this one. Anyone care to share which pop up stopper you use? Thanks
  9. This is just my opinion, but I have no clue why the law gives such a power to the spouse, once they are married. I would be out of my mind, were one of sons-in-law, do this to us. We brought this person (our child) into the world and should have SOME input, when possible, as to how they leave it. To not even be allowed at her bedside at the time she passed away....so sad. Volt..... CNN is devoting the full nights coverage of the news to coverage of her passing. That is, unless the Pope should succumb to his illness this evening.
  10. There must be some great hostilities in that family beyond what we, the general public, know of. According to CNN, aside from her Husband not allowing her parents to have any say in her situation, he also had them barred from her room, at the time of her passing. Terry's brother and sister were asked to leave her side, 10 minutes before she passed away. Just, plain doesnt make sense to me, all these apparent hostilities. We, the public, apparently dont know the entire story surrounding this fiasco.
  11. The battle is half over now. Now, the final resting spot is to be fought over. http://www.cnn.com/
  12. Thank you, Poru. Directions sent me straight to it. Thanks, again. PEACE
  13. Bacterozoid......I have heard mention of SpyBots Tea Timer. I have looked through SB and can not find that option. I have looked in both Normal and advanced modes. Can you direct me closer to it? Thanks Will
  14. I recently saw a show on Discovery Medical Channel of a man that came out of a coma after 19 years. He was having to relearn his own family. His baby daughter at the time of his accident, is now grown. He thinks his daughter is his wife. They say his mind otherwise, seems to be ok. His speech is slurred due to muscle atrophy during his coma. Doctors still do not know why he awoke after 19 years. Who is to say what modern medicine will do in the near-future. If Terry was my daughter, I would have a broken up son-in-law, if he was trying to pull her plug. Because, I would break every bone in hi
  15. Hey, Volt. (we say hey in the south, not Hi ) I hadnt see you in a while, and was hoping all was ok with you. Good to see you. Well Jazzy....actually you didnt. How much exactly is a sixpence?
  16. I will use this thread to mention...I havent seen Radio on here in a while. Did I miss something there?
  17. If that kid had already rammed a patrol car, and it appeared to the policemen on the scene that he was trying to do more damage.....or maybe there were bystanders in the way of the kid still trying to get away.....I don't imagine the police took the time to ask for age. Only having a split second to make a decision, maybe they just did what they thought was the best thing to do. Protect the immediate lawful to the detrement of the unlawful. In most cases its a decision that has to made in a nano second. Give the cops a break, until we find out they really did something wrong.
  18. Mine, has to be one of the easiest names to see the meaning behind. I enjoy watching the NASCAR races, and my favorite number is 19. No...no a fan of the car #19.
  19. http://www.pchell.com/hardware/beepcodes.shtml According to the site above, you need to know the Bios Manufacturer to understand the beep codes. Hope this link helps.
  20. Thank you Sambora...8210 Guy....and Hulk. I tried all suggestions offered here, and lo and behold............BugOff fixed it. I had not used Bugoff before, so I downloaded it and enabled the option to show messages in outlook Express. That fixed it. I thank each of you for taking the time to help me with this. PEACE ME
  21. I did a search and found no posts like this, so here goes. I just re-installed Outlook Express as an email service yesterday. I called Road Runner for assistance with the technical entries. (ie..Pop3 and SMTP) Ater configuring the service, all the email I had received but not had access to read, was loaded. In ALL the incoming emails, the body of the message was blank. I tried to write an email to send, and could not access the body of the message. When I tried to send it anyway, I got the following pop up. "This message has not completed downloading. It can not be saved until downoading is c
  22. History will and does repeat itself. America should learn from the mistakes made in the past. ie...Viet Nam. A political war is not a war.....just politicians stumbling around trying to make a political point. There are only two options now. Bring back the guys over there NOW, and let them fight it out amongst themselves. or.............Wait...there is only one option!! And bring them home NOW!. BTW...YES....I am a vet of that stupid 58,000 plus Genocidal atrocity.
  23. http://www.grisoft.com/us/us_index.php I have used this one for a couple of years now, with absolutely no problems. And, you cant beat the price.
  24. Jed Bartlet with Clint Eastwood as runnin mate. If Arnold can be Guvnah, then Clint can be a Vice Prez.
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