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  1. Yep--checked and all seems fine. Funny to see so many 'familar faces' on that list. In a perverse way I'll miss fighting that unending war bit by bit. (not!)
  2. Radio--many thanks! I did as you suggested and the computer seems to run faster. I also notice I freed up 1.3Gb of space on my hard drive! One question: any chance Spyware blaster would interfere with my Virus scan? I use Freedom, supplied by my server (Bell Canada's sympatico.ca). It comes with Ad manager and pop-up blocker, though I realize they don't prevent spyware, only deal with the symptoms. Again thank you!
  3. Lithium: thank you! The doxware site had a solution that seemed to fix the problem just fine. It was a bit tricky, using DOS prompts etc, and the spyware was (as you might expect) well disguised.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I made the correction just fine! (And I spelled 'internet' correctly 100 times.)
  5. When I first signed up I found out I entered some erroneous specifications about my DSL internet connection, and now I don't know how to correct the info. Any help?
  6. I get one of their 'helpful' pages 'popping up' instead of the "you are not authorized......." notice. Somehow it has intruded itself on my computer. It does not create any obvious problems, but I resent the fact it is there and uninvited. I keep trying to locate a file for it on my computer but so far no luck. Anybody else familiar?
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