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  1. Stupid me.....I was trying to clean up disk space earlier and deleted them. you can re-install them using Start, Control Panel, Add and Remove programs, System tools, (if you use Windows XP look on the left hand panel and click on the second box. A windows box comes up which allows you to install windows components. Go to accessories, system tools, then character map. Click on each of these obviously. Make sure calculator box has a tick in it then you can install it again. Just thought I would post this in case someone else out there has a brain fade.
  2. I used to be able to go to all programs, accessories and click on Windows Explorer. It's not there anymore. Where is it? Also my calculator is gone....What is going on here?
  3. I will try this, do you think it is to late......???? Trojans even came up when I was running the AVG update....The computer is barely moving.
  4. She called and another Trojan.... Will doing a clean install get rid of them???? She has Win2000. I can do a clean install, then put in AVG which I copied to disc and then can I go online, once I get her back on to go to Windows update??? Would you please tell me if this is going to work and if AVG is the best way to go for her.??? I have never had to fight with something like this before......
  5. She just called and said AVG has been running for 5 hrs off line. It's the computer itself. It's starts off great and you can zoom on line at 48.8k and then it's like your draining a battery and you go slower and slower and then you can't do anything unless you reboot. You can only work for a min or 2. I think I have to reformat.......right. Are most of the drivers in the win2000, just what do I need. I'll try to find them and put them on disc here.....
  6. no these are definatly Trojans.. Ugly little guys.......I installed SPY SUBTRACT for her. It's a program I just bought when I bought my new computer. Seems to work pretty well. I really need to find an installer to download as it says I have none. This is my computer that I gave her and never had a problem. I know it's an older Gateway but it has been upgraded alot. Memory, Drives etc. Worked fine when it left here. I did a clean install over there with Win 2000 and it just crawls. Finally figured out the modem thing and installed a new 56 for her so she can get more speed as she goes throu phone line. She downloaded PeopePC for her server from a disc that she got in the mail. Wondering if the Trojans came from there. I need to find a free Trojan removal for her. I still think I'm going over there and do another reformat. I hate that as it takes forever.....
  7. Sorry no way to post last nite. I think I'm going to go over there this morning and REFORMAT again from scratch. That computer never had a virus of any kind when I took it over there and now I keep finding Trojans. I put in AVG and used Trend. It says none but one popped up again last nite. If I reformat will I be able to start over without infections.???? I had her going pretty good for about 5 min. then had to start rebooting every couple minutes as it would slow to barely a crawl. I know I still need some drivers but won't let me get them. I also need an installer. Going alittle crazy here. Is it possible that the Trojans came on the People PC that I used to get her on the net???? What is the best free Trojan killer out there.???
  8. I'm about to give up here. Everywhere I turn, something dif happens. First off this thing had a bunch of Trojans in it. Hope I got them all. Don't know things are still slow....tried to install and says I need installer update. Tried to get that and page won't come up..... :beer: HELP
  9. OK got her online....go figure. Did what you said and took both modems out and rebooted, come to find out there was a third modem that had a bunch of wires going God knows where that kept coming up. I uninstalled and pulled the one but couldn't the other,so just disabled it. Reinstalled the new one and she's on. Now about the drivers, I am totally confused. I go to the downloads and don't know which one I need. Here is what was in it. All she has now is what came with the 2000. Would like to install new drivers for the following if possible: Video card is NVIDIA part #6000736 CD-ROM Drive is Toshiba DVD II part # 5500548 Motherboard is ASTORIA part# 4000286 Wavetable Sound Card The Monitor is EV700 Should I just take the old drivers and install them????? Sure would like new ones. Worried the old will clash with the 2000.
  10. I'm going over to the daughter's this morning and tackle this again. While I'm at it I would like to know if I have done things right so far. I'm going to install the new modem so she can get some speed on the lan line. I already did a clean install and put in win2000. I have not downloaded any drivers as thought I should try and put in new instead of ones umpteen years old. Is this the right thing to do. The computer is a Gateway 2000 with added memory ( 128) and extra hard drive. The only driver that I will be installing is for the logitech keyboard that I gave her and the new modem. Also what do I do about the multimedia showing ? mark in device manager. Where do I get that? When I went to upgrade Gateway it doesn't show that I have any Gateway drivers. Guess it doesn't know what it is. I do have the original discs for it. It had 95 when I bought it and didn't know if that would screw up the 2000 that I have in now, so didn't use any of the Gateway discs. Thanks for all this help and will be nice when I can get her computer up and running and not have to run 12 mi home when I have a question. Thanks again
  11. I'm sorry, could you explain PCI card......Do the drivers cost alot??? She really doesn't have much, that is why I'm doing this for her..
  12. I will go over there tomorrow and give it another try. I did unistall everything in the device mgr. as well as phone modem in the control panel. The funny thing about this whole thing is everything was up to speed until I downloaded the AVG virus protector for her. I went to update it and a trojan jumped up, hope there is nothing in there that I have to reformat for. I came home and burned the AVG to disc and will try that again tomorrow. When I did a clean instal with win2000 I never downloaded any extra drivers. I thought I could go online and do that. That hasn't been that easy. She has a Gateway 2000. It isn't that new but I never had any prob with it. I added extra memory and an extra drive. Would like to figure out how to upgrade VGA. as the color isn't that great and she needs the multimedia.
  13. I don't have it here, but I used the disk to install the drivers. It's brand new. Why is there 2 modems. Is this normal....
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