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  1. Well, here it is http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...A1WWW8P8JKSFW74 It didn't seem to test a few things on my new drive....not sure why. I know I probably should have partitioned it at least into 2 but meh. I just kind of wanted a big bunch of space to store all my non-essential stuff. Maybe sometime in the future I can tinker a bit. It is going to take a while to defrag that thing once it starts to get full. Well, I guess I should go defrag my C drive now, heh.
  2. Yeah, I was tinkering with that idea....except I was wondering if some of the games and whatnot that I have installed have already configured themselves to look for the disk in "D"? Sorry if that seems a little silly but, I'm new to this whole hard drive thing.
  3. WOOT! After a little bit of fooling around, I managed to get the thing going! I had to "initialize" the drive first and then selected "format" which took quite a while, but it seems to be working. One unusual thing is that I thought that the drive letter would automatically become "D" and bump my cd drive up to "E". Instead I had to choose a letter from a list and D wasn't available, I suppose because the cdrom was already using that letter? Ah well. I just hope that it works correctly....I was hoping the maxtor Max-Blast software would work to do it for me, but since it froze up...I gues
  4. The problem is, the drive isn't there when I double click "My Computer". It's in the device manager list, and in the bios, but not in the "My Computer" area where my other drive and cd/floppy drives are. I also realized I made a mistake and didn't put the floppy that was included with the cd-rom like I was supposed to, but when I did, the installation froze up and I had to reset my computer....I guess I'll try the administrator tools trick and see if I can do it from there. Thanks for the help guys. I'll let you know how it goes.
  5. Hi guys. I just got finished installing a new Maxtor 6Y080P0 80GB hard drive, following the installation instructions and thought all went well. After I was done and started the computer up, Windows detected it with the "found new hardware: Maxtor 6Y080P0" message so I put the software disk supplied by Maxtor in the cd drive and restarted the comp as instructed. Supposedly when the computer started up, the Maxtor format and partition utility was supposed to detect a new unformatted disk drive and start a format program, which didn't happen. The program didn't even start and using autoplay just
  6. Hi all. I've recently just started playing some multiplayer games over the internet, and to get the game started I have to let people in a forum know my IP address, so they can join when I host (TCP/IP game) The question I have is: Is there a way that I can change my IP address after the game is done? I know it seems a bit paranoid, but I would feel better if my IP wasn't forever known after I host a game. I noticed another person that hosts games has a different last digit each time they host a game. Is there a way I can do that as well? Thanks very much for any insight.
  7. Thanks for replying Bear. I actually do use Kazaa lite. I found a little more info on it. It really doesn't have anything to do with Kazaa, it's just a file that you download that has the virus inside it. It doesn't matter what file sharing program you use, it's what you download that has the virus. The problem was, it stuck itself in the system restore files and if system restore was active, AVG anti-virus couldn't detect it. I reduced the mem for sys restore to the minimum, deleted all the former restore points, turned off system restore and rescanned using avg. It didn't find anything so I
  8. Hi all. I recently ended up getting this "win32/hantaner" virus and my AVG anti-virus found it and told me to do a full scan. So I did and it found it and moved it to the virus vault. I then went to the virus vault and deleted it and thought everything was fine. However a few minutes after I was done, I was poking around on the net trying to find some info about it and my AVG scanner found it again! I've looked around on the net to try and find some info on it without much success. If anyone can help me with this, I would really appreciate it! Thankyou very much for any asisstance.
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