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  1. Said it once, said twice! You're good V.! C a typo!
  2. It goes something like this... "You may be absolutly wrong in your opinion, but I'll defend the right you have to expresse it even with my life" Voltaire. the gay ppl have the right to MARRIAGE and if a legal court decides to open that possibility well GOOD FOR THEM! and no, it won't open pandora's box, it has happend before with women /vote black/freedoom, etc. Being so absurd as to belive that the simple fact that some judge ruling will change the definition of a word, and how the rest of the world thinks of it, is plain and simple absurd! And about "them" gays havin children, as a teacher I have deal with lots of gay parents and they are always (because of what the world think of "them") more involve in the process of their son/daughter learning, than "normal parents" and more caring most of the time. and belive me, their children behave w/ more maturity and with a broad perspective of what life and living means. I apologize if I've offended someone in here, not my intention. We as a nation, don't have the right to judge no one just because of their sex, gender, color, religion or sexual preferences because we are in fact a nation of many colors, religions, etc.
  3. OH! I'm gonna get you guys! with all that sweet love and stuff going around you've made my keyboard and mouse all sticky!
  4. Superrooster: Its the mexican people who celebrates the "Dia de los muertos"(day of the death) and the festivities began on november 1st. "Dia de los angelitos"(the children) and on Nov. 2nd.and they make such a big festivity, to celebrate those who went ahead of us. (sorry for the change of subject ) AND YES, YES, YES! good luck to the two of you! I'm curious? Are this two kids the only match we've had on the pit? C.
  5. and for that we are grateful! A BIG THANKS NOTE TO DAVE AND THE PIT CREW! ditto
  6. "SIR T" man! you're one lucky .......... *turns red and evil with envy* c.
  7. Hi guys! Sorry I just couldn't resist to j ump in. hope this would not stir the pot in a bad way. I'm with Bruce in this one (in page one) and you may think I'm crazy, but I just can't take out of my mind that he was responsible for what happend on 9/11, I even think if he with his partners (osama's father and his own) just to get the oil from irak. And to think that he will serve another term! Just imagine, what kind of economy will have? Think that he in his madness, really belives that he's the savior of the world and that (for example)north korea needs to be disarmed, and he engages us in a nuclear war just to do that! can you think of a number of people thwt will die ? can you think about the kind of economy that will have? I agree that we as a nation have the duty to help other nations to subdue the tyrany, the opression of dictatorship, but just as far as the nation in question needs us. but to alianate a country to the point that we'll have to reconstruct that nation from its foundations just to gain a "decent margin of profit"ot to obtain what we have not been able to gain in a peaceful manner? I really hope that he will not succed in his campaing(I'm not voting for him!) cause if he does, you better belive we;ll be in deep :censored: jmho. c.
  8. Z..even in passing away there's poetry Very nice,indeed! and as Lindalou said, we will miss you for sure!
  9. My son will take care of that. So if I'm gone and He is telling you, please make him feel welcome and at home as you have made me feel. I don't expect to go that soon, but you never know so Thanks in advance guys!!
  10. my favs: *the "old tobias" *volt's gator runnin' *ax's ever changing guitars
  11. As the title says YOU'RE WRONG M8! I never ever will hack anybody putter I was mad as hell for being under atack and I just wanted to see who was it and YES! return all the problems he/she send me that were stoped by the antivirus! do you really belive that I'd post some kind of risk to myself or the pit? So whatever action you think you have to take be my guest I'm still mad w/ the he/she who is sending me as you said "garbage" and YES if I'm able to "return the favor" I will. Not only because she/he deserves it, but 'cause if we just seat there and let this punks get their way we are as much responsibles for all the garbage that's in the web as they. And this will be the first and last time you'll see me angry here at the pit.
  12. That;s why I am a member of the PIT!! I always find help in here!! I'll try the remedies all of you guys gave me and I'll post the results.(probably tmrrw) Thanks in the mean time I'll have to connect the old pc and go from there.(I've only one monitor) so I'll be bck. T H A N K S!!! x5, mega, night, deck(btw try that no avail) cu all tmrrw.
  13. I even went to system restore nope! try also downloading IE5 (had IE6) but won't take it dunno what to do be bck in 20'
  14. X5 Done that, no use other ideas?
  15. I had a pc that for some stupid reason lost IE. I was using it as a host to my network( my son's was client) then I tried to install the new Zone Alert. Something may been wrong during the installation, but when I uninstalled it took IE with it Mine is an athlon xp 1600, ram 256, hd 40 gb, win xp pro. I don't have the w xp cd to repair it, so I tought doing a format and then installing w xp home (that I 've the cd.) But I have a lot to back up and just has to be a better way. Thanks in advance for help given. I'm using my son's to post this, and there's no so much urgency but, I ll have to have it fix it by wendesday, so please can you help? :help:
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