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  1. over cat5 direct into modem. reset the modam to dump its cashe and still only geting 6.2 so its defently internal to the pc. (the problem)
  2. working great now. still not as fast as it was but geting 6.2 mbs now compared to 1.7 mbs. use to get 8.7 so trying to figure out what else is wrong with the internet but the dns problem is fixed i think rest is bad files since pc pit matic found 63 errors. below is posting of latest test via the pitstop web site. Category Typical Value Your Value Weight Weighted Score /images/betapit/desktop.gifWorld Desktop Rank CPU ---- MIPS 25560 MIPS 0.100 2556 Top 31% RAM ---- MB/sec 18457 MB/sec 0.100 1846 Top 16% Video ---- MP/sec 326 MP/sec 4.000 1306 Top 21% 3D Video ----
  3. dumped the dns seems to be goingfaster will be testing it over the day. ill let you know tomarow morning how it gos
  4. as i thought after checking the pc test the problem isint my pc per say. its more likly a software issue. i keep geting a DNS server error and internet isint even close to the speed it use to be. it just started acting up 2 weeks ago on and off. had it fixed for a bit with a system restore but tryed to do that again and it didnt fix it this time. any sugestions on a program that can go through and check the files. on a low budget so the better option and low cost.
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