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  1. alright thanks for the tips guys.. im kinda slow at this whole response thing
  2. yeah but thats the problem.. windows is claiming im using 4 gb im not so its missing..
  3. screw it im switching to the linux drive this is angering me..
  4. yeah i was gunna defrag it last night and then i noticed it was taking forever i stopped to do a quick task restarted an di already had 1000 more frags.. so i gave up.. i think this ones ready to bite the dust did i mention it clicks and slows down the revs back p and clicks again when i use it under big stress... almost like it turns off then turns back on.. someone told me its probbaly swap file but to me it doesnt sound too healthy..
  5. i should probably buy a new hdd huh?
  6. ran it.. and i have a clean system not a bad prog though..
  7. also my hdd just sits there and works hard when it has no reason to work at all.. it may be a cause of performance loss.. and here is the test : http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...PWKAW7VMHMSUPNX it says i have 2 someodd gigs free but im missing 4
  8. just a quick note.. im having severe loss of performance at times.. like currently if i press windowskey+m to minimize all 2 windows will minimize and 5 seconds later the rest minimize.. in command and conquer generals my system keeps lagging.. when its completely over the specifications needed..
  9. ive scanned it.. chkdsk ive defragged it.. voptxp -- windows defragger defrags like nothing and apparently windows cant be wrong EDIT .. ill run a quick test
  10. Howard3


    ive had a good expierence with the nvidia geforce fx 5700 ultra (agp) in everything..
  11. Alright jut as the title says .. My hard drive claims im using almost all of it yet if i select everything in drive c and do a properties check it says im using 4 gigs less than what my computer claims im using --i cleared my recycle bin -- i cleared the system restore.. -- my paging file is only using 250 megs right now -- im going to lose it any suggestions? i have a 20 gb hdd western digital only 3 years old..
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