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  1. i ran my 2800xp at 2.2v, default was 1.65v. i got that running at 2.7ghz nearly
  2. dont worry dark im here but as you said, timezones and latencies dont play nice with us in the UK. if you dont mind high pingers i'll join in
  3. no that psu wont do at all, what other hardware do you plan on getting so we have a clearer picture as to whats needed and
  4. have you checked that the resolution is set right? last time i used something like that was a projector on my 9800pro and i had to set the resolution to match the projector or i got nothing. your tv should be pal which is 640x480
  5. from reading that review it looks like a tidy board but i live in the UK so cant get one lol
  6. pit test http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=E9PX0W63EWCSG8JR
  7. im having trouble with my d/l speeds and have contacted blueyonder tech support and they got me to run a few tests. these are the results of a netstat -a test this is their reply i've ran spybot/adaware and HJthis and all show up clean so do AV scans. any idea what could be happening and what these are for? epmap and microsoft-ds services pit test will follow shortly.
  8. so what does it actually say? have you tried making other names?
  9. you need to forward ports 2350 and 3450 (not sure if thats for everything or just for p2p functions) also the game has been far more popular than anticipated so the serer sometimes goes down, keep trying and you will get thru what is the error your getting?
  10. http://www.trackmanianations.com a full free game to d/l with online gameplay, ***warning*** this game is highly addictive
  11. you mean this http://www.actbuy.com/details.asp?item=SA10X1900XTX5
  12. nice info, i used an ati voucher
  13. renewing my bookmark fixed it thanks :beer:
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