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  1. megaspaz

    GCC compile errors

    MisterEd is right. use g++ if you're doing c++ code. gcc will work but you have to manually specify library and header locations. xXenXx: if he hasn't written a makefile yet, using the make command won't do a thing.
  2. right... that's why there's this great big forum dealing with windows stuff... maybe there needs to be some yelling at these people on how to use their computers. if you want to do dangerous stuff go ahead, but don't be giving noobs the wrong ideas. Shogun may know better than to run logged into his root account 24/7, but what about the casual noob passerby who's going to look at john 44's tut and thinks running as root is fine and decides to run as root all the time because he/she thinks its so much easier? If sticking your :filtered: in a meatgrinder is what you wanna do, then go ahead.
  3. go back to windows, then. nobody needs you teach noobs bad habits.
  4. 1. Nobody logs into the root desktop. You make it seem like logging into the root desktop is a common thing. It's not. 2. Logging into the root desktop requires logging out of your user desktop to log into the root desktop. with su you don't have to log out of your user desktop. 3. Messing stuff up using su isn't the question. Using su is a temporary thing. You only su when you need to and then exit out of the root account when your done. But you are correct. you can screw stuff up with su. 4. If you show your tuts always logged in as root, you make it seem that it's acceptable pra
  5. didn't work in konq 3.1.1 - couldn't validate java... hahaha... did work in opera... my guess is it should work in mozilla/firefox. pretty nifty. it installs stuff in ~/.housecall (i gave it a go in my user account) so i wonder if it finds something in like /usr/bin if it can even do anything to it. anybody find anything in a priviledged directory and ran this scan as their user?
  6. are you looking to make your linux box look like windows? have you tried xpde? http://www.xpde.com/ i think it sucks butt, but you might like it. it is familiar, but it's not completely the same either. or you could try another DE/WM. Have you tried XFCE, window maker, or enlightenment? i just started playing around i with xfce. it's not bad. i think i like it better than gnome. It feels more lightweight than other DEs. anyhoo, you could try to find an xp theme or something or you could always stick with winders.
  7. some people like to try before they buy and do pay for software they like... like me...
  8. megaspaz


    well, i'm still using 0.4.3b for kaffeine. it hasn't given me any problems what-so-ever in konq. I couldn't try any of the newer versions due to the fact they wanted increased system requirements (libs) that i wasn't prepared install (won't install). but i just upgraded mplayer a couple of days ago and built it from source. it's still broken, so, eh... sticking with xine/kaffeine. i will say using kaffeine for moz or opera does suck as it just opens up the external player... but i'm a konq user anyway...
  9. megaspaz


    no it doesn't. at least not for me, while xine/kaffeine plays all filetypes perfectly, mplayer doesn't; video is fine (hard to tell from screenshot, but it is) but it can never find audio codecs. http://www.jandjgraphics.com/Misc/mplayer_mov_err.jpg the media in the above screen shot is a quicktime movie of the Underworld trailer. edit: I should also say the same problem happens when i was trying out the mplayer browser plugin. I also tried various fixes from googling on the error message like editing mplayer conf files. nothing tried fixed mplayer. I only have it because dvd:r
  10. megaspaz


    hmmm... i think it depends on the browser... i myself don't like mplayer and with mplayer not being able to get audio codecs for quicktime movies, it's pretty much useless for anything. the kaffeine plugin works great for konqueror. i haven't had any problems with it. works tons better than the defunct xine-mozilla plugin. here you go fragged.
  11. actually from personal experience, my 2002 1 GHz laptop running redhat 7.3 runs better (faster) than my mother's new 3 GHz laptop running Windows XP (much newer OS) even after doing a complete, clean reinstall of XP and turning off all the eye candy. It is more stable than XP which I've noticed is prone to serious performance degradation over time if having a lot of programs open (from work mostly). I'm comfortable in redhat ripping a dvd, surfing the web, listening to music, compiling programs, running updatedb or find all at the same time and having the computer on for a long time with eye
  12. what's so hard about double-clicking on a *.rpm file? or what's so hard about typing: su <enter root password> ./configure && make && make install ?
  13. looks like there's 4 cd iso's or 1 dvd iso. if you're asking which cd iso's are necessary and which one's aren't, i don't know.
  14. if all you do is listen to CDs, play some music, and maybe type some papers then why do you need 64 bits? kinda like taking your refrigerator to a barbeque. anyhoo, to sort of answer your question.... http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/history/235636
  15. in the console, try seeing if you have gftp. it's a gui ftp client. the command is: gftp
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